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   Chapter 163 Lunch Box Of Love (Part Two)

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"No, No."

"It doesn't matter." While the two of them were pushing each other away, someone touched the bowl and chopsticks, so the hot soup spilled out and directly sprinkled on Lily's hand. It was the hand that had been put on a drip. Although the soup had been brought out for a period of time, it had just been cooked and put in the heat preservation bottle. Therefore, it was still very hot now. Even if it was not hot, the warm and salty water suddenly spilled on the hand that had been put on a drip, which would inevitably cause the wound pain.

Lily screamed and quickly retracted her hand, but she still felt very uncomfortable. Moreover, when she suddenly moved with great strength, the needle tubing became unstable and the blood suddenly flowed back.

Leena didn't expect such a situation at all. She was scared to death. When she was about to call the doctor back, she saw a person quickly coming in from outside. It was none other than Carlson!

Carlson quickly ran to Lily, held her hand and asked, "What happened?"

Lily was so painful that tears were about to come out, but she still shook her head and said, "I'm fine!"

"Nonsense! The blood is flowing back!" There was a hint of pity in Carlson's tone. At the same time, he raised his head and glanced at Leena, with his eyes full of reproach. He pressed the nurse call button immediately.

The doctor checked the wound and called the nurse to get the infusion done. Then he said to Lily, "Miss, please be careful. You are in the critical period of recuperating. Don't make any mistake. Try not to make such a mistake next time."

Lily nodded.

Standing aside and looking at all this, Leena felt guilty. She really didn't mean to do that. She just wanted to feed her because she saw that her hands were inconvenient, and She always refused. She thought that even if Miss Lily refused, she couldn't let a patient drink soup by hersel

y me, because you don't deserve me to make such a mistake in my heart!"

Carlson narrowed his eyes and warned, "Lily's head was badly hurt this time. Please don't stimulate her. If you really want to save her, please let her have a good rest and don't disturb her from time to time!"

"I disturbed her? I'm just bringing her the lunch prepared by Mandy."

"Well, even if you are kind-hearted, don't disturb her in the future, unless she leaves the hospital! But I advise you not to look for her often after she leaves the hospital. It will make her father feel that she has contact with people around me and has a prejudice against her!"

"You must be the one she contacted with. You have been pestering her! I really don't understand. If you keep torturing and defending her, why don't you marry her directly and leave her at home to protect her? Isn't that better?"

"What will you do if I marry her?" What a ridiculous woman! She always talked nonsense! Carlson put on a false smile on his face, as if he thought Leena was making trouble out of nothing.

However, Leena didn't care about it at all. If she made trouble out of nothing, she would be angry. She sneered, "You will care about my feelings? Don't pretend to be kind to me, as if you really care about me! "

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