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   Chapter 162 Lunch Box Of Love (Part One)

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Leena carried the things prepared by Mandy and asked the driver to drive to the hospital where Lily was. On the way, Leena was still thinking about what to say when she met her. In fact, she didn't know what should she say to Lily, but she thought she should have a talk with her about their relationship. On the way to the hospital, she was still thinking about how to start this topic. When she finally got ready, she found that Betty was there.

When Leena walked to the door of the ward and found Betty through the glass door, she hesitated for a moment. That day when she heard Betty dissuade Carlson, she felt that Betty didn't like her very much. Besides, she had done a lot of things that were not good for her husband, Dylan before, so he couldn't have a good impression on her.

But Lily who lying on the bed, saw Leena outside the door, so she called, "Leena?"

Betty turned around and was surprised to see Leena. But soon she regained her composure again and didn't show any special emotions. No one could see Betty's attitude towards Leena.

Leena nodded and walked in. "Miss Lily, I'm here to bring you lunch. Mandy has prepared chicken soup and some dishes you like."

Said Leena, putting the things on the table. Lily smiled and asked her to sit down. Leena found a chair and sat down.

Lily introduces Leena to Bett, "Sister, this is Leena, the wife of Carlson."

Betty nodded and smiled at her, "I know. Nice to meet you, Miss Leena!" Her smile was very light, but it was polite and not very enthusiastic. And Betty called her Miss Leena instead of Mrs. Qin. The way she called her was really subtle.

Leena also greeted her, "Hello, Mrs. Chen!"

Betty nodded and continued to hold Lily's hand, "What are you going to do after you leave the hospital?"

Lily looked depressed. She lowered her head and thought for a while. Then she said slowly, "I don't intend to go abroad. I want to stay at home for a period of time."

t go abroad."

Lily was conflicted. She knew it was not a good idea, but she really didn't want to see him forever. She believed that if she only made friends with him, would she mind? "I think he still loves you. Don't take it to heart. " Lily added after a pause.

Leena shook her head and smiled bitterly, but in fact, she was sneering in her heart. "Miss Lily, you persuaded me not to belittle myself before, but today I want to say that it's you who doesn't belittle yourself. You really overestimated my position in the heart of Carlson, and you also underestimated the importance of you to him."

"I still feel that you really care what I had done at that day…"

"No, I just figured out a lot of things." Leena didn't want to continue the topic, so she took out the chicken soup and said, "Mandy has cooked the soup for a long time. If you don't drink it, I'm afraid it's cold. Miss Lily, let's have lunch first."

Leena put the dishes on the table and was about to feed her. Lily sighed helplessly and had to stop the topic.

Leena poured the soup into the bowl and took the spoon to feed her. Lily felt uncomfortable for it and quickly refused, "No. I can do it myself."

Shaking her head, Leena said, "you are still on a drip. It's not convenient for you to use it. Let me help you."

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