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   Chapter 161 Wife Or Mistress (Part Two)

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She wanted to stand up, but Carlson held her tightly. It seemed that he liked this move very much. As long as he held her, he would definitely molest her. He couldn't let her go, and continued to lower his head and get close to her. "Are you waiting for an explanation from me?"

Leena closed her eyes and didn't say anything or struggle, allowing him to do whatever he wanted.

Carlson leaned closer to her and coaxed her, "Didn't I tell you before that you just need to remember that you are my wife?"

Leena took a deep breath and held back her anger from her heart. No matter what he said, she endured it, because there was no result in fighting with him. Since he was so shameless, what else could she say?

Carlson kissed her and said with a smile, "I'm going to take a shower."

Then he stood up and went to take a shower. After tidying up, Leena went to bed first. When Carlson came out, he naturally lifted her quilt and slept with her, and held her from behind.

Leena was awake, but she didn't move.

Carlson looked up at her and smiled, "Are you still awake?" He kissed her earlobe slowly and said, "I'm sorry for the past two days. But I can't leave Lily alone. She has done so much for me. You shouldn't be mad at me and her."

Leena really wanted to shouted, 'Since you like Lily so much, why didn't you marry her directly?' But she didn't say it.

Carlson said, "If I marry you, you will be my wife. Lily is just a friend. Do you understand?"

Seeing that Leena didn't respond, he kissed her slowly and suddenly turned over and pressed her on top of him.

Leena couldn't stand it anymore and began to struggle. But Carlson thought that she was just kidding, so he suppressed her more tightly and suppressed her hands and

lone in this mansion!

As Leena got up late in the morning, it was almost noon when she had breakfast and was about to go out. Mandy packed a few porridge and was about to go out. Leena asked her, "Mandy, are you going out too? Who is it for? "

"Oh, Mr. Carlson told me to make chicken soup and prepare Miss Lily's favorite dishes for her at noon. I was about to send these to the hospital." Mandy replied.

Leena frowned, "Can't the nanny of the Feng Family bring food to Miss Lily?"

Mandy shook her head and said, "I don't know. I just made it according to his order. Maybe Mr. Carlson still think that our cooking here will be more suitable for Miss Lily. She often came to our home for dinner before, and she likes my cooking." Mandy said with a proud smile.

Looking at the soup pot, Polly thought for a while and said, "Mandy, let me send it to you. I also want to visit Miss Lily."

Mandy was confused, but under the persuasion of Leena again and again, she handed all of the things to her.

Leena thought that she should go to see Lily. Logically speaking, she should take the initiative to visit her. And she might be more suitable to talk to Lily.

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