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   Chapter 160 Wife Or Mistress (Part One)

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The appearance of Carlson made all the people present a little surprised. Miguel, Spencer and others knew him. The eldest master of the Song Family, Mike, had also seen him, but Ronald and Susan had never seen him. However, from the way he drove, he inserted their carriages, and then stopped in front of them and walked down, Ronald still felt that the person was not pure and simple. He had a temperament that ordinary people did not have. No one here could compare with him.

Carlson walked up to Leena and said, "Let's go home!"

The people present were surprised again. Except for the few people who knew that Leena and Carlson were married, the others who didn't know were all baffled.

Ronald asked, "Who are you?"

Carlson admitted with a smile, looking very calm and confident, as if declaring his sovereignty. "I'm Leena's husband. My surname is Qin. Nice to meet you, Mr. Ronald!"

"You..." This time, even Ronald, who had amazing self-control ability, was shocked. He liked Leena very much and wanted to give Miguel a chance to create opportunity. Unexpectedly, a man suddenly appeared and called himself Leena's husband. If Leena got married, it was impossible for him not to know. Even if he didn't contact her, he could get to know her wedding in A city under his control. When did she get married and when did she hold a wedding?

"Nonsense! Why didn't I know that Leena is married?" Ronald overreacted.

Miguel lowered his head. It didn't save his face for Carlson to make such a big declaration of his sovereignty, but he could do nothing about it. Indeed, Leena and Carlson were married. Although he didn't think that marriage could last long, at present, the relationship between Carlson and Leena was indeed a couple, and outsiders could not refute this truth.

Leena didn't know why Carlson came here. It not only for irritat

ng that Leena didn't move, Carlson bent down to look at her and said softly, "Leena, we're home. Get off the car!"

Leena had to get out of the car, but she didn't wait for Carlson to lock the car. Instead, she went straight into her house.

Mandy was still waiting for them with the light on. Seeing Leena come in, she greeted her and asked if she had any orders. But Leena didn't answer. Mandy waited for a while. When Carlson came in, she greeted him with the same conversation. Carlson replied, "It's okay. You can go to bed first. Don't worry about us."

Mandy finally went back to sleep.

Leena went upstairs and took her clothes to take a shower, without talking to Carlson.

Seeing that there was something wrong with Leena, Carlson didn't ask more. Seeing that she went to take a shower first, he threw the car key and lay on the bed to rest. When Leena came out, he stood up and hugged her, pulled her to the bed and let her sit on his laps.

He approached her and asked, "Are you unhappy?"

All of a sudden, Leena felt bored. She didn't even have the mood to respond to him. She just felt annoyed and pushed him away. "I didn't sleep well last night. I'm really tired. You didn't sleep well either. Go to bed early!"

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