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   Chapter 159 Awkward Dinner Time (Part Three)

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Perhaps Leena had met Ronald several times, so she was not so restrained in front of the Song Family. In fact, drew could be very casual, because he often saw people from the Song Family. But today, because he brought Leena and Rena together with him, and these two girls were brought by him. And Leena didn't want to see Mr. Miguel. He was really afraid that the two girls would not eat well, and that the two girls would not be happy with each other. What's more, he was afraid that the two girls would not at ease here. And Susan had some opinions on Leena's dissolution of engagement, which made the atmosphere more serious. As a result, he was very easy-going and uneasy, sometimes worried about this, sometimes worried about that. So, it was a failure to have dinner in this hotel today. If he could get some information about the Song Family and knew that they were coming, he would not bring Leena and Rena here. Even if he could come a few minutes later, it would be better for the three of them to enjoy themselves!

During the dinner, the dishes were mainly ordered according to Ronald's opinion. Although Ronald handed the menu to the juniors, they didn't dare to order randomly. In the end, they all let Ronald make a decision. Perhaps Ronald had been used to everyone's respect and modesty for him, and he was more self-centered. He didn't think it was inappropriate for him to make decisions alone.

When the dishes were served on the table, no one spoke in the whole room. Miguel had been looking at Leena, but she didn't respond him at all. Ronald and Mrs. Susan glanced at them and knew that their son, Miguel, still had feelings for Leena. It was a pity that the bastard they had done before made such a mess for the woman called Alina. He deserved it.

Mrs. Susan didn't like Leena very much. She had always disliked Leena's background. If her mother-in-law hadn't liked her very much at that time, and he

funny. Spencer was driving, and it was more than enough for him to send two girls. But Ronald still suggested Miguel to send them. It could be seen that he still liked Leena, his former daughter-in-law, and wanted to give his son a chance. What else could Spencer say? Of course he agreed in silence.

Miguel didn't object. He followed his father's will and asked Leena to get in the car.

Leena didn't object. It would be troublesome to say too much in front of the autocratic Ronald. Miguel could give her a ride, but she wouldn't really have sex with Miguel as Ronald wished.

When they were about to get in their own cars and leave, a car suddenly came in front of them. It turned a corner and entered the middle of the group of Song Family's carriages. It was impolite and abrupt for this car to break into the team of Song Family. Ronald was used to being obedient to him. He frowned when he saw this car today.

Leena also looked at the car. When the light of the new car was off, she could see the license plate number and brand of the car. The BMW, as well as the extremely rare and smooth license plate number, were exclusive to Carlson. As expected, a man in a black suit got out of the car after the door was opened. His hair was well combed. It was indeed Carlson!

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