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   Chapter 158 Awkward Dinner Time (Part Two)

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"He said he was fine and he would come back soon." Anyway, Peterson had told her that he would find an opportunity to visit his mother recently. She believed that Peterson had also secretly observed his mother. Seeing that his mother missed him so much, how could he not appear all the time?

"Did he really say that? Or did you lie to me?" asked Mrs. Yang.

Leena patted her hand and said, "Mom, if brother can call me, it means that he is still alive. He will definitely remember the family and you. He will come back one day."

Although Mrs. Yang was a little disappointed, she didn't have to be so sad, because Leena had given her new hope.

After sending her mother away, Leena went to find a house with Rena and Spencer in the afternoon.

Rena still felt strange, "Why don't you ask for help from Carlson?"

"You can't bother him with everything, can you?"

"It won't bother him. It's not a big deal. Besides, he's your husband! "

"Rena, how dangerous is Carlson! You have told me yourself. How can you ask him for help in everything?'

Rena smiled ambiguously, suddenly pulled Leena aside, bit her ear and whispered, "You all have sex, which means that he has feelings for you. It's not impossible to ask him for help."

Speaking of this, Leena's heart sank. In fact, Carlson was just playing with her. He was just curious about her as if she was an outsider. But she didn't want Rena to worry about her relationship, so she said nothing.

In the afternoon, she looked around and found two apartments. One was cheap and the decoration was acceptable, but it was too remote. The other was expensive and not so good in all aspects. But the school of Yanni was close to her apartment, so it was convenient for her to take care of them. Leena didn't settle down so soon. She still wanted to have a look and then made choice.

Since she didn't go to Heaven Hotel, there was almost no source of salary, but she had savings. Moreover, the debts

eplied Spencer, though he didn't answer or refuse. But considering the majesty of Ronald, he nodded and answered

Ronald nodded and looked at Leena, "Since you are also here, it's fate. We haven't seen each other for a long time. Let's have dinner together."

Spencer's first reaction was to look at Leena. It seemed that she lowered her head and thought for a while, but she did not refuse the elders' face. She answered, "Just do as Uncle Ronald said. It's our honor to have dinner with him."

Since the party had no objection, of course drew had no objection. Except for Rena, it was the first time that Rena had encountered such a scene. She felt that the Song Family was very dignified. She used to only see Miguel's father on TV occasionally, but she didn't expect that she would be so scared when she met a real person. How could she have such a big shot? But she was not a short-sighted girl and had seen the world. She knew very well that it was better for an insignificant junior like her to not speak on such an occasion, so she kept silent. Anyway, she would go wherever Leena went, and she was not afraid of anything!

There were already 9 people in the Song Family. In addition, there were 3 people in Leena's house, so there were 11 people in total. They could only ask for a big private room.

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