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   Chapter 157 Awkward Dinner Time (Part One)

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Leena ignored her and poured the water on her face. Then she squeezed the cleanser to wash her face.

Rena grabbed her hand and asked, "What's wrong with you? Don't you want to tell me? What happened?"

Leena felt a little helpless and said weakly, "I'll tell you after I wash my face and have a sleep. I'm really tired now."

Rena glanced at her, she was more suspect that she was not fine. But since she was really tired, as her friend, she wouldn't make things difficult for her. She could only let her wash her face and sleep on the bed.

As expected, Spencer was a newbie in the kitchen. He cooked very slowly. Leena had slept for about 1.5 hours and didn't wake up until she smelled a burst of fragrance. She heard the hurried sound making by Rena and Spencer in the kitchen. She got up and saw the two people cooking together. Spencer was over 1.8 meters tall, a few centimeters taller than Miguel, and Rena was 1.7 meter. The two of them made a good match, especially when they went into the kitchen together and quarreled, which reminded Leena of a family.

Although they broke up in love, it was obvious that Rena was more free and easy than her. Even if she had been in love with him for 9 years, it didn't matter. The female devil was easy to get rid of. Although Rena said that she didn't intend to accept Spencer so soon, at least for the time being, Rena got along well with him and began to grow on the path of love. But what about her? Although she got rid of Miguel very soon after she broke up with Miguel, she fell down heavily at Carlson's embrace. And now it seemed that she didn't know how to get rid of him again.

Sometimes, she admires Rena. She was so carefree, heartless, loyal and single-minded to her friends. Although she was irritable and popular, without Rena's support and guidance, she might not have gone so smoothly these years, at least more difficult than before. Therefore, Rena was optimistic and positive. How could she not admire such a girl?

It seemed that Spencer had thrown a washed plate to the ground and almost smashed Rena's feet. He was so nervous that he squatted down to look a

sand. If the rich one doesn't have betrothal presents of more than one million, who will marry a girl, not to mention that Carlson is so rich." Rena was not convinced.

"How much betrothal presents do you want?" Spencer asked seriously.

Rena glanced at him and didn't answer. She just stared at Leena.

This marriage was embarrassing, not even a marriage. Without saying anything, Leena just asked the two of them to eat quickly. She said that she would go to the hospital to visit her mother later and find a house in the afternoon.

Of course, Spencer and Rena accompanied her to visit Mrs. Yang. Mrs. Yang had been in a better mental state and recovered quickly since she woke up. She should be discharged from the hospital soon. But Mrs. Yang always sighed.

"Mom, why do you still sigh?" asked Leena.

Mrs. Yang sighed, "I've been dreaming of your brother these days. She dreamed of his childhood. It had been 9 years. She really didn't know what he had become, and even... Is he still alive?"

Seeing that her mother was very sad, Leena finally decided to say, "Mom, brother called me before and said he would come back to see you when he was free."

Raising her head in surprise, Mrs. Yang asked, "Have you met your brother before?"

After thinking for a while, Leena shook her head and said, "No, he called me."

"Do you have his phone number?"

Leena still shook her head, "it's a public phone."

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