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   Chapter 102 The Election (Part Two)

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Mr. Richard finally opened his mouth, and immediately the meeting room became quiet. "In terms of today's election, I am very honored to sit here to preside over it. I have left the Empire Group for many years, and it is also an honor for me to promise everyone to remember it. "

Everyone hurriedly echoed, "How dare us! Mr. Richardis a senior, the leader of the Empire Group." They were all flattered him.

Mr. Richard smiled, neither refuted nor agreed. He continued, "The Empire Group has developed very fast in the past few years. It has a lot of followers and a wide range of business. It has almost covered all the profitable industries at home, and it is spreading abroad. However, the management system was very chaotic, and everyone was not subject to their own management! "

Mr. Richard's words were sharp and straightforward, but no one dared to refute him. After all, what he said was true, and he was a senior with an important economic lifeline. Even if he cursed the ancestors of the Empire Group for eighteen generations, they did not dare to say anything.

Mr. Richard continued, "Where is Dylan? He was the last boss of the Empire Group. He has made great achievements in the past 5 years and can be replaced according to the procedure. As for Carlson, he was the only son of the former leader and had a good ability. The two had been in the Empire Group for a long time, and the two had their own connections. Jack was the founding member of the Empire Group and many people supported him. I'm sure you all know the main purpose of today's meeting. It's my honor to be invited to preside over this meeting. Now let's start to vote. The one who has more votes

lways been staring at her with calm eyes. As expected, he was a man who had seen big waves and could be calm in any emergency. Or maybe Mr. Richard also knew about it, or maybe it was his conspiracy? Maybe he had set up a trap from beginning to end just to fool her and Carlson?

Leena really felt that she was becoming more and more stupid. She wanted to get rid of the conspiracy of these people again. If Mr. Richard also played a trick on her, then the world was too terrible, too terrible! She was so scared that her whole body trembled and her palms were sweating.

And the biggest winners of this matter were Dylan and Alina, right? Alina smiled so brightly. Maybe it was she who made the whole thing. Alina was too cunning and terrible! She couldn't defeat her. She had never thought that Alina was so hypocritical and hateful that she wanted to tear her face apart!

Mr. Richard said indifferently, "If you don't have anything else to do, just sit down. The meeting will continue! "

Leena had to swallow the insult and humiliation and sat down. She knew that Mr. Richard was obviously disappointed in her.

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