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   Chapter 99 The Heirs (Part Two)

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No matter how Rena quarreled with Spencer, Leena had a clearer idea in her mind. She had to find Mr. Richard, even if not for anyone who was selected by the Empire Group. What did these people want her to do? What should she do to control her fate.

The second day, Leena asked for a leave and went out to look for Mr. Richard. Last time, Mr. Richard asked her to think about it for a few days. If she came, she could call the housekeeper, so it was very convenient for her to see Mr. Richard. She called the housekeeper of the villa and someone would pick her up.

This time, Mr. Richard was pruning flowers in the garden. Led by the housekeeper, Leena went to the garden and saw him cutting flowers seriously. Although Mr. Richard was more than 80 years old and his hair was gray, he lifted the heavy scissors without hesitation. It could be seen that his body was very strong and strong.

Leena thought, 'If I didn't know that he is one of the founders of the Empire Group, I wouldn't have thought that he has anything to do with the Empire Group. Anyone who likes to raise flowers and plants should be elegant. How could he have anything to do with the bloody Empire Group?'

Mr. Richard seemed to know that she was here, so he said in advance before the housekeeper could tell him, "Have you thought it over? "

Knowing that he was asking her, Leena answered, "I really want to know how to control my own fate to help Mr. Richard? "

Mr. Richard put down the scissor, picked up the towel hanging on his shoulder and wiped his sweat. Then he handed the scissor to the Butler, and walked into the living room with his hands behind his back.

Leena also followed him in. Mr. Richard sat on the sofa and asked someone to serve tea. He drank tea for a long time. After resting for a while, he said, "You are my peer now. Who dares to do anything to you?" "

Leena stood opposite him all the time. Even though she saw him sitting down, she didn't dare to do it. She just stood respectfully and said, "I'm afraid that Mr. Richard will do something to me again and escape from the tiger's mouth. How can I guarantee that I won't enter the wolf's mouth? "

Mr. Richard shook his head and smiled, "Do you think I'm a wolf? "

"It's hard to say. I don't know much about Mr. Richard."

, and even how to expand the business, how to find connections, and how to connect with the people who need to deal with it. It is clearly written in it. It was your father who wrote down the notes little by little. Whoever got this notebook would be equal to getting the economic lifeline of the Empire Group. If he got the economic lifeline, the Empire Group would listen to him. He was the boss. It didn't matter whether it was important or not? Do they really want to save my face because I'm one of the founders of the Empire Group? They just know that I have this notebook! "

Leena was still surprised and didn't understand what he meant.

Mr. Richard continued, "Take it and let me see what the heir of the Empire Group you have chosen looks like! Don't let me down! "

At last, Leena cautiously took the laptop, and her hands trembled slightly. Although the laptop was not very heavy, she felt that it was as heavy as a boulder in her hand, and she could hardly lift it.

Maybe this was the evidence that her father was caught in the legend. His father had recorded such a terrible thing. He had a deeper connection with the Empire Group than she had imagined. How could the country let him go? And his father had recorded that it not only destroyed himself, but also their family. However, it was also because of this thing that they could really get rid of the shackles of the gang. To untie a bell, the person who tied it was required. If this thing destroyed them, it would also save them because of this thing!

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