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   Chapter 98 The Heirs (Part One)

College Girl Behind The Charming CEO By Little Red Cap Characters: 7142

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"Alina, what are you doing here today?" Said Leena coldly and stared at her fiercely.

Alina didn't beat around the bush. She raised her eyebrows and said, "The election of the Empire Group will be held in a few days. If you don't want your mother to continue to be in trouble, you can guarantee that Dylan will continue to be the leader of the Empire Group! "

Leena was very sensitive about this matter, not to mention her mother's comfort. She gritted her teeth and said, "Is it Carlson or Dylan who caused my mother's car accident? "

Alina continued to raise her eyebrows and asked proudly, "Is there any difference? If you don't want your mother to continue to be in trouble, you have to help Dylan get the position of the boss of the Empire Group. Don't say that I haven't warned you! "

"My mother's matter has something to do with Dylan, not with Carlson? It's all your fault!" Although she has a question, she is almost certain of it. She was also surprised when she heard this sentence. Was it really Dylan who did it instead of Carlson? But all signs showed that it was more likely that Carlson did it. Why did Alina threaten her with her mother? Was it done by Dylan or Carlson!

Alina turned to her and said sarcastically, "Miss Leena, you don't seem to hear it clearly! Is there any difference who did your mother's accident? Both Dylan and Carlson could take her life, and if you were really smart, you should know that he was even more terrible to you. If he still had some mercy for you, then Dylan didn't have any mercy for her. "

Leena replied, "You want me to give succor to the enemy!" Is it because Dylan is more threatening to her so that she asked help Dylan and then offended Carlson? Did she say the truth? What benefit could she get from helping Dylan? For her, it didn't matter who would be the boss of the Empire Group. If those people wanted to deal with her, they would help her no matter whether she was the boss or not. Why should she help them?

"Humph, I don't want to explain to you. If Dylan can't be the boss of the Empire Group, this time, you will die, your mother, your brother, your

really understand that freak woman's heart, you will not be a normal person. Similarly, it can be proved that Miguel is blind to fall in love with such a woman! And that damn Jimmy. Fortunately, I have let him go long ago! "

Spencer was sensitive to the name "Jimmy". He couldn't help but turn to look at Rena and whispered, "You still can't forget him. "

Rena gritted her teeth and said, "Who can't forget him? I just want to chop him into pieces and feed him to the dogs! "

Spencer continued in a low voice, "If you really forget him, you won't be so indignant. After all, you are still unwilling to accept it. "

It was rare for Rena to be silent at this moment. She didn't know if she was choked by Spencer or for some reason. Anyway, she suddenly became silent.

Of course, Leena knew what was on Rena's mind. Although Rena was full of hatred all day long, she was still thinking about how to get out of the relationship with Rena. But in fact, their relationship had lasted for 9 years. It was not only her first love, but also the first man that she had fallen in love deeply. How could Rena easily forget it? She hadn't met a man that made Rena more moved in her life. Perhaps Rena had been entangled in the relationship for a long time.

Just like her, she was still entangled in the love of Carlson. She couldn't say how deep she loved him, but she was just entangled, unwilling and unable to give up.

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