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   Chapter 97 Uninvited Guest In The Ward

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"What? You don't want to deal with Carlson?" Mr. Richard asked.

Slowly sitting down again, Leena suppressed her excitement and said calmly, "I don't have anything to worry about him. I just don't understand that Mr. Richard has to deal with Carlson first. "

"It's just that I don't want him to be the boss of the Empire Group. It may affect my interests if he becomes the boss." Mr. Richard replied.

"Won't it affect your interests if Dylan becomes the boss of the Empire Group? "

"Dylan is far easier to deal with than Carlson. He is just a puppet of the Feng Family." Mr. Richard took a drag on his cigar and answered.

Leena said, "I don't think Dylan is a puppet. Many of his behaviors are not like what a puppet should do. On the contrary, he is very terrible! "

Mr. Richard stared at Leena indifferently for a while and smiled, "It seems that you are still in favor of Carlson and speak for him everywhere. If this is the case, it's meaningless for me to look for you. "

Hearing that, Leena was silent for a long time before she said, "I'm just telling the truth, because Dylan is also very terrible. "

"I just want to ask you, do you want to deal with Carlson? Do you want to take revenge?" Mr. Richard asked resolutely.

Leena was silent again. Mr. Richard sneered, "I came to you because you are the daughter of Bowen, but the opportunity is in your own hands. If you give up, I will never ask you for a second time. "

It seemed that Leena had a very fierce struggle in her mind. Then she looked at Mr. Richard coldly and said, "What benefit do you give me. "

Mr. Richard smiled coldly. "The advantage is that fate will be controlled in your hands! "

'The good thing is that you have the control of your own fate!' Leena repeated in her own mind.

How much she wanted it! She had been struggling hard in the mire these days. She had tried her best to inquire about her father's information and the purpose of the Empire Group. She just wanted to get out of the mire and control her own fate, hadn't she? Now there was a chance in front of her. Of course she was excited and wanted to f

ime! "

"What do you want?" Leena's voice is deep and cautious. To be honest, she hadn't seen Alina for a long time, and her impression of Alina was also in a very bad state. Alina's sudden intrusion into her mother's ward with a group of bodyguards made her vigilant and dissatisfied. Moreover, Alina worked for Dylan. If she appeared, something bad must have happened.

Alina walked to her with arrogance and calmness, like a queen. She didn't think there was anything wrong for her to break into other people's ward. She smiled coldly, "don't be nervous. We are just here to visit your mother. Look, we are still carrying flowers!" She pointed at the lily in the vase with her chin.

Leena felt that her expression was even weirder. She ordered coldly, "Go out. My mother needs rest, and she doesn't need your visit! "

"Miss Leena, don't you know your situation at all? We are not here to visit your mother!" Alina still smiled faintly, with irony and threat in her eyes.

Not afraid of her threat, Leena said seriously, "Miss Alina, I don't want to meddle in the business of your Empire Group. If Dylan wants to do anything to me, I will find someone to deal with you! "

"Who are you looking for, Mr. Richard? AHAHAHAHA..." Alina suddenly laughed wildly and stared at Leenacoldly. "Why should you ask Mr. Richard to help you? You'd better think about how to refuse Mr. Richard to deal with you first! "

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