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   Chapter 95 Leena's Meeting With Richard (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-05-20 00:13

Leena didn't know whether she was right or wrong. She felt that she was dirty, and her heart was dirty. How could she suspect her brother like this? He still cared about her and his mother. Why did she question her own brother like this?

Leena picked up the cake with her hands trembling. She felt that she was not herself anymore. Her principles and innocence that had been stuck to for many years were fading away. She had become a person that she didn't like. She doubted others so much and speculated everything. Was she still the old Leena?

After a night's reflection, at 9 o'clock on the second day, Leena still waited for her biological brother at the XX intersection, but Peterson did not appear. Instead, a driver called Lee drove a super-long luxury Lincoln car to pick her up. Leena was surprised to see the car and didn't know how Peterson got such a luxurious car to pick her up. But the driver, Lee, explained, "This is the car Richard specially arranged to receive Miss Leena. Richard said that Miss Leena is an important guest that must be received well. "

Leena was surprised. Shouldn't Peterson be the one who arrange a driver to pick her up? Why would Richard's man pick her up? How did Richard know that she would come here at 9 o'clock? Or did Richard have anything to do with Peterson, or with Dylan? Miguel gave her the business card yesterday. What role did he play in it?

Leena's mind was in a mess, but the driver couldn't say anything when she asked him. Perhaps the driver didn't know much about this matter, or he was strictly trained not to talk to outsiders, so she didn't a

a heard the key point. That was exactly what she wanted to know. She had always been confused about her father's matter, and because of which, she had provoked the Empire Group. What kind of person had her father been in the past, what had he done or did he have something to do with the Empire Group? And why Dylan and other people tried every means to make her see Richard and why Carlson tried his best to stop her from doing so? All these things were what she really wanted to know, but she couldn't show them too obviously in front of Richard, so she only asked cautiously, "Did you have any relationship with my father? "

Richard nodded again and said, "We were not just friends in the past, but friends all the time until your father died. But before I tell you our friendship, I want to ask you first, which side are you on? "

Leena didn't understand, and she felt that Richard's tone was very fierce, as if he was on guard against her, so she asked cautiously, "What which side? "

"Who are you working for, Carlson or Dylan? Richard added in a more serious tone.

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