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   Chapter 91 Vegetative Patient

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Carlson said, "Leena, I'm very kind to you. Don't disturb Lily any more. Do you want to ask Lily to intercede for your matter because of your relationship with Miguel? "

Holding back her anger, Leena sneered, "Mr. Carlson, you have illegally kidnapped my mother. If I ask you to let my mother go, I have to ask for your mercy? "

It seemed that Carlson was dissatisfied with what she said. He thought he had been kind to her, but she still spoke in such an attitude, so he said irritably, "Anyway, don't disturb Lily. She has done a lot for you, which will increase the difference between her and her father. "

Leena continued to sneer, "Miss Lily, how can she still do so? You can handle this without her. Or Mr. Carlson you feel sorry for Miss Lily and don't want to see her work for me? "

Leena thought it was ironic to use the word 'work'. Miss Lily just needed to send a message to Carlson. How could she run so many times for her matter? Could it be called 'work'? However, for such a small matter, his heart ached can't bear it, and even called to warn her. Why didn't he feel sorry for hurting her mother? She was about to lose her mother's life. In his eyes, a life was not more important than the little work of Miss Lily?

Carlson continued to say impatiently, "If you don't have an affair with Miguel, I will let go of your mother even if Lily begs me. Why do you bother others if you can't do it yourself? Do you think Lily just can help you settle your matter so easily? Haven't you ever thought that she would come to me and disobey the ban of her father? "

"Yes, Miss Lily came to you to disobey my father's ban, but she could stay with you in the middle of the night and go home very late. Mr. Carlson, why didn't you review your behavior? Who made Miss Lily suffer?" Leena remembered that it was very late when she called Carlson last time, but she could still hear Lily's voice. Compared with what Carlson said today, it was really ridiculous! Perhaps in a man's eyes, even if his beloved woman made a little sacrifice, he would not feel sorry for her. But if there was an accident in another woman's life, he would not frown. The other woman's life was not as good as his beloved woman's.

Leena couldn't tell whether she said this to attack Carlson or to be jealous of Lily. Anyway, she was aggrieved and disappointed.

"It's none of your business, Miss Leena." Anyway, it's our own wishful thinking, but you, an outsider, disturbed Lily and let her disobey her father! Today, for the sake of Lily, I will let go of your mother, but if I see that you have something to do with

t we will hold an interesting activity with our parents. Should we call Mom back? She has been back for many days. "

Leena said coldly, "Let's go to the apartment first. "

Yanni was unhappy. He shook off her hand and said, "Why do you still want to go back to the apartment? I've been living there for two weeks. You never let me go home, and now you don't allow me to see my mother. What do you want! "

"Mom is very busy and can't come back yet, so we have to go back to the apartment first! "

Yanni shook off Leena's hand and shouted, "You are a bad sister. You deliberately don't allow me to see my mother. Now you are going to hold a parent's meeting and don't allow me to see her. You've gone too far! "

Leena was in a bad mood and on the verge of collapse. Seeing that Yannicwas even more unhappy, she broke out directly and shouted, "What the hell do you want? I have explained to you that our mother is very busy. If you keep making trouble, you can go somewhere else. If you don't like to go back to my apartment, then don't go back. Wherever you like, I won't care about you!" Then she strode away, as if she was going to abandon Yanni.

Yanni cried on the spot. Seeing that Leenawent far away and he cried louder and louder. Leena ignored him. She was annoyed.

She turned around and shouted, "Why are you crying? If you keep crying, I will really leave you!" However, at this time, I saw a car slowly driving on the road next to Yanni and stopping beside them. A person got out of the car. It was Carlson!

Leena didn't know what was going on until Carlson held Yanni in one hand and said, "Do you always treat your brother so bad? He is your brother, right? He wouldn't be sad if she yelled at him like that? "

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