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   Chapter 88 Passers-by My Mom (Part One)

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Miss Lily continued, "Miss Leena, you have to handle many things by yourself. Your performance directly affected the decision of Carlson. "

Hearing that, Leena felt a little guilty. She didn't understand what Miss Lily meant. Did she know that she came to the funeral of granny Helen and met Miguel today? But it shouldn't be a big deal if she just came to attend the funeral of Miguel's grandma. She was not very close to Miguel. Without any explanation, Leena said, "I see. Thank you for your help, Miss Lily. "

"I didn't help you. In fact, if you said those words to Carlson in person, he might help you as well." Lily said with a bitter smile. Then she hung up the phone.

Leena didn't understand what Lily meant. Why would Carlson listen to her if she said that to him? Was it possible? It was impossible. Leena was helpless. It was really done with the help of Miss Lily, which showed that Miss Lily had a certain position in the heart of Carlson.

She walked forward in a trance. Suddenly, Miguel came up and grabbed her hand. "Can you wait for me for a while after the farce? "

Rena also came up to pull away Miguel's hand and said, "Miguel, be respectful! "

Although the two of them spoke in a low voice, they still attracted the attention of the people around them. Spencer came up and persuaded, "Can't you talk later? Especially Miguel, you'd better behave yourself. Your father is in front of you and may turn around at any time. "

Leena silently shook off his hand and kept walking.

Leena was also confused. She didn't want to talk to him at all, but how could she get rid of him later? She didn't want to get back at him for what he had done to her with Alina, but why didn't he let her go? Was there any good result of entanglement? And she would make Carlson misunderstand her relationship with him, so that he wouldn't let her mother go.

According to what Spencer said, Miguel had a sense of repentance or had a different opinion of her, but she was not moved. She only felt that he was very swaying and restless. She was

about to get on the elevator. Leena said, "Wait a minute, Carlson. It's not what you saw just now! "

Carlson turned around, but still with a mysterious smile as before. He said sarcastically, "Miss Leena, what can you explain to me? Is there any relationship with me and you? "

Ignoring his alienation, Leena continued, "You have promised to let my mother go, haven't you? "

Carlson looked down at his watch and asked, "Are manager waiting for us? "

The man replied, "yes, Mr. Carlson. Our manager is waiting for you in the office. "

"I'm sorry, Miss Leena. I don't have time to listen to your explanation." Then he followed those people into the elevator.

Leena wanted to catch up with her, but she was stopped by Lily. Lily said to her in a low voice, "I have helped you what I can. It depends on you. He won't listen to you even if you insist on explaining now." Then she followed Carlson into the elevator.

"Carlson, you can't do anything to my mother! "

However, Carlson didn't respond. Instead, he closed the elevator door.

Leena repeated, "You can't do anything to my mother! She was so flustered that her fingers trembled, She couldn't bear what Carlson had done to her mother in anger. Wouldn't he be so ruthless to her? If he was really ruthless, not only did he hurt her mother, but also her heart. He really had no mercy on her at all!

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