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   Chapter 83 Sudden Fire (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-05-16 00:25

Looking at the burning house, she didn't dare to look at the neighbors and firefighters who were rescuing the fire. It seemed that one more look would make her feel guilty, and one more look would make her feel how stupid she was to believe Miguel and fall in love with Carlson!

"I'm really a loser, a loser... I don't know why I have lived to this day. What Carlson said is right. I am so stupid!" Leena sneered while crying. Her heart was so cold. She was heartbroken to everyone!

The fire was finally extinguished in an hour. As Leena expected, there was nothing left in the house, not even a bowl. There was only all black ruins left, not only that, but also the surrounding neighbors were affected, and the walls were burned black.

All of the things on the balcony were also burnt. All these property losses should be counted on Leena. She was not in the mood to estimate how much she had lost, but she was in a bad mood, and she had to sincerely apologize to her neighbors. In the end, she was as numb as a walking dead.

Mrs. Yang had always been on good relationship with her neighbors. They didn't blame and comforted her. But she knew that although they didn't blame her, they were still a little uncomfortable in their hearts. They were not rich, and because of her family, they had caused property losses to the people around them. How could they not complain at all? So she promised again and again that she would compensate all the losses of her neighbors.

How much was the loss? Was she able to pay back? Leena didn't know. She just promised and apologized one by one. She was in a mess and had no idea what to do.

After the fire, the firefighters couldn't give the cause of the accident. Leena also got a record from the police station and cooperated with the investigation. When the police asked her where her mother was going, Leena replie

guilty or if he was disappointed in her. Was it really cruel and merciless? Maybe one day, she would break out and be against Carlson, asking him for everything!

On the second day after the fire, the busy Miguel finally appeared. At that time, Leena just sent Yanni back from school. When she was about to go to school, she saw Miguel driving. He rushed over and called her, "Leena, I heard that your family had a car accident yesterday. Is that true? I'm sorry that I didn't pay attention to you yesterday when I worked overtime. This morning, when I read the news on the newspaper, I didn't even go to work. How is your house and family members now? "

Leena suddenly felt ridiculous. Miguel could have asked sincerely, but he thought he was hypocritical, and hypocritical as real. He was really good at acting. She didn't know what to say. She was so tired that she didn't even bother to question or scold him. She just looked at him with a sneer.

Miguel didn't understand why she looked so alienated and ironic. He grabbed her shoulder nervously and asked, "What's wrong? Are you blaming me for not coming in time? "

At the same time, Rena came out of the apartment. When she saw Miguel, she shouted, "Miguel, how dare you come here? "

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