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   Chapter 81 Miguel's Conspiracy (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-05-16 00:05

Leena was stunned. The whole world was upside down. She stared at Carlson with her eyes wide open and said, "What did you say? "

Rena jumped up excitedly, "Damn it! Is this the truth? Miguel used Leena... He used the most hateful way to help Dylan was through Alina? Hasn't Miguel gotten rid of Alina yet? Then what did their relationship and engagement mean? Just using? "

Leena grasped Carlson's arm adn said, "What did you say? Please say it again! "

Carlson let go of her, with a scornful smile on his face, and said coldly and ruthlessly, "I thought you knew it, but I thought you would play along with Miguel and play tricks on him. I didn't expect you to be used like this. You are so stupid. What's more, Lily is better than you. I really thought highly of you at that time, Leena! "

Being hurt by his words, Leena was really uncomfortable. He could be angry and scold her, but why did he irritate her with the words that she was very stupid than Lily? Even if she had done something wrong, there was no need for him to taunt her like this. She even said that he had overestimated her. Was it because he had overestimated her in the past? Now he understood and looked down upon her very much?

Holding back her tears, Leena said, "Yes, I'm very stupid. I'm not as stupid as you, Lily, or anyone like you, because I can't understand why you always think of hatred and hurt yourself and others for so many years! I can't understand why you can even use your family

that. Why do you do that?" Leena shouted again.

But Carlson only left one sentence, "I'm already kind enough to you. You'd better not destroy my good deeds. I can no longer trust you!"

Then he turned around, got in the car and left.

"Carlson!" Leena called him, but he didn't turn around. Leena was extremely disappointed. How could he do this to her! How could he!

Rena was still entangled with the matter of Miguel. She cursed, "Damn it, Miguel. It's better not to do as what Carlson said, or I'll blow his head! Let's go and ask Miguel! "

As Leena was about to go crazy because of her mother's matter, she couldn't help shouting at Rena, "What are you looking for? The most important thing is to find my mother first. I want to go home, right now!" She said and ran out of the pavilion.

Rena stamped her feet and shouted, "Hey, I have a car. Why are you running? Isn't it faster to get in my car! "

Then Leena turned around and ran towards the garage with Rena.

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