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   Chapter 80 Miguel's Conspiracy (Part One)

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It took less than ten minutes for Carlson to arrive there. He also saw Leena in the garden, so he went straight to the garden as soon as he got off the car.

Seeing that he slammed the door of the car and walked quickly, Leena's heart beated fastly. She thought that she really irritated Carlson when she went to see Richard?

Carlson walked up to Leena, glanced at Rena and then stared at Leena again. He said coldly, "Did you go to see Richard Jin this morning? "

As Leena expected, this was the first question Carlsom asked when he saw her. She wanted Rena to guess it right. He minded her meeting Richard, but why? She forced herself to answer calmly, "Yes, so what? "

Carlson got furious. He grabbed her by the neck and pressed her against the pillar of the pavilion. He gritted his teeth and said, "You're so ungrateful. Is this the way you repay my kindness to you? "

All of a sudden, Rena came up to him and tried to persuade him, "Hey, Carlson, let go of me. What are you doing! Let go of Leena! "

Leena was also surprised that he would pinch her neck. She couldn't help but stare at him with her eyes wide open. She didn't understand his anger, and even felt that his behavior hurt her feelings!

Ignoring Rena's persuasion, Carlson still tightly held Leena's neck and gnashed his teeth, "I took advantage of you, but I didn't do anything to you. Instead, you repeatedly avoided giving Dylan a chance to chase you. You said that I ruthlessly hurt your feelings. I pitied you and let you go. I let you develop with Miguel. I don't care who you like and whom you are with. We can be together, but don't affect me. Is this the way you repay me? "

"I don't owe you anything, Carlson. If it weren't for you, my life would have been very peaceful! I've been away from you for a long time and only live my own life. Why do you think I betray you? How can I betray you? "

"If you go to see Mr. Ri

ll in love with. In fact, he was just a crazily twisted devil! He had no mercy on humans. He only cared about his own hatred and interests!

She continued, "I don't know why Mr. Richard would affect you when I go to see him. Mr. Richard has washed his hands for many years and doesn't interfere in the selection of the Empire group. What I want is just his golden words to let Dylan let go of my brother! What's more, this matter was related to Miguel. What does it have to do with Dylan? "

"Miguel works for Dylan! Dylan controlled Alina and Alina controlled Miguel. They just lured you to Mr. Richard and asked him to help Dylan keep his brother's position for the sake of your father. Do you really think it's so easy to let your brother go? Even if you only wanted to save your brother Dylan at the beginning, you would ask Alina, Alina and Miguel force you to find Mr. Richard to help Dylan! That's why you have been dating with Miguel for such a long time. It's not that Dylan is afraid of the Song Family's status and let you go, but that he has changed the way to force you. You are such a stupid woman. Haven't you known that you have been used yet? What else can I say except that you are stupid?" He looked at Leena and became angry. He really wanted to strangle her.

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