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   Chapter 79 Meeting With Richard Jin (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-05-15 00:15

"But Mr. Richard has asked his assistant to bring us here, which means we have an appointment "

"I'm sorry, Mr. Richard is not seeing anybody today! "The Butler said so and wouldn't give in.

Later, Miguel had no choice but to give up. When they left, the assistant, who brought them here, kept comforting them, "Don't be too sad. Our boss doesn't treat you like this alone. In the past, there were many guests who were invited to Mr. Richard's study to wait, but he didn't receive them still. You are lucky that you haven't waited for two or three hours. "

Miguel asked when they could visit him again, but the assistant only said that he didn't know and it all depended on the boss's decision. Miguel had no choice but to leave with Leena.

Judging from what had happened today, Leena thought that Richard Jin was very unreliable. He was just fooling people. Although she and Miguel didn't wait for two or three hours in vain, they drove 6 hours to and fro. It was almost a day, and they were fooled.

It also meant that it was very difficult to see Richard Jin.

Seeing that Miguel seemed to be very angry and sad, she said, "It doesn't matter. Let's make an appointment next time. It's no use to rush things. "

Miguel smiled apologetically at her, "I should be the one who comfort you. How come you are comforting me? I didn't do well and have let you down. I won't bring you here until I make an appointment next time. "

"Richard Jin Did he often treat his visitors like this? Or he didn't want to see us because he knew we need his help? In that case, I guess it's very difficult to get his help. "

"Don't think too much. Seeing him is half success. "

at, he hung up the phone.

Shocked, Leena put down the phone angrily and said, "Who the hell is he! It was so strange! "

Rena still answered calmly, "Maybe he really cares about your meeting with Richard Jin! Mr. Richard Maybe it had crossed his bottom line. "

Leena raised her head, "Really? How did you know? What do you mean? "

"I don't know. It's just that he called me and tortured me to death today. Have you ever seen him like this? And, are you waiting for him? "

After a short silence, Leena stood up angrily and walked out of the door. "I'll go out to see what he wants and why he orders me like a king! "

Rena followed her out and said, "I'll go with you. You'd better not fight! I can't afford it! "

Leena went to sit in the newly built garden downstairs. She would see him as soon as he appeared. In fact, she was really afraid of the angry look of Carlson. If a man lost his temper, it was difficult to control his temper. She was really afraid that he would really do something bad to her and Rena's apartment, so she might as well come out and wait for him.

But why was he so angry?

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