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   Chapter 78 Meeting With Richard Jin (Part One)

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Leena temporarily believed Miguel's words, and this matter was left unsettled. The Song Family continued to urge them to get married, and Miguel also had changed his attitude. However, after hearing Rena's advice, Leena refused to get married so soon.

That day, when Rena saw Leena quarrel with Miguel upstairs, she asked her about the cause and effect of the quarrel, and then persuaded her, "I think Miguel and Alina haven't broken up yet. Such a marriage is the worst. You'd better wait for him to calm down for a period of time. From now on, you can't marry him until he doesn't have any abnormal relationship with Alina. "

Leena had a deep impression on Miguel and Alina that night, so she listened to Rena's advice. Miguel didn't force her to decide. She had a few peaceful days before he mentioned to her again that he would take her to see a person. "Do you still remember that day I told you that I would take you to see a person? "

Leena thought of the night of Miguel's mother's birthday, Miguel wanted to say something, but he finally said nothing. She felt that Miguel was very hesitant, as if he was struggling on this matter. She had a deep impression on him, so she remembered this in her mind. At this moment, he took the initiative to mention it and asked her. Leena asked curiously, "Do you mean to take me to see someone who can save my brother? Who is he? What method does he have? "

Without any hesitation, Miguel answered naturally, "His surname is Jin, and he is known as Richard Jin. He is one of the founders of the Empire Group, and was once called the head of the three leaders of the Empire Group. However, he has given up the old business for many years and

lived here. Later she learned that Richard Jin had his own helicopter, which usually flew directly to the city. Moreover, he was too old to manage a company. So his company was handed over to his children and disciples. Usually he practiced Tai Chi in the mountain and lived in seclusion.

She thought that Richard Jin would be in the villa since he lived in such a leisure way, but when they arrived there, the Butler informed them that he was not there and asked Miguel to make an appointment next time.

Miguel was not happy about this result. He had been waiting for several months, and Richard Jin's assistant had brought them here in person. How come they couldn't see him? Miguel asked where he had gone, and the Butler only said, "Mr. Richard went climbing. He won't see any guests today. "

"But it's not easy for us to come here. How about you tell us which mountain he is in and we will visit him in the mountain? "

The Butler shook his head and said, "I'm sorry. This is Mr. Richard's order. We only follow his order and can't tell you where he is. If Mr. Richard wants to see you, he will come to you again! "

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