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   Chapter 72 Fake Marriage (Part One)

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Leena didn't see Miguel these days. She just called him occasionally. Because Miguel's grandmother was sick, the doctor had given a kind notice to the Song Family to prepare for the funeral. Her physical condition might turn to be worse in the following days.

Miguel's grandmother had been in hospital for three or four months. Since Leena and Miguel started dating, they had heard that she was ill in hospital and hadn't recovered. Miguel would visit her the next day, but he didn't expect that it was so serious this time, and there was even no way healing her disease.

Leena hadn't gone to the hospital to visit her, because it was not convenient for her to show up. It might be a little more casual for Miguel to visit her home, but if she also went to the the Song Family, it would be equivalent to meeting the parents of both sides. Therefore, even if she was very concerned about the condition of her grandmother, she could only ask one or two questions and could not visit her.

A few days later, Miguel appeared in front of Leena and suddenly said, "My parents want to see you."

At that time, Leena had just finished her class. When she heard the phone call from Miguel, she ran out. And when she heard his words, she was shocked and asked, "Why do they want to see me?"

"I don't know. They want you to go back to my home with me. Just meet them at my home."

"Why do you suddenly want to see me?" She repeated it again and again because she couldn't believe it.

"Maybe... They care about my girlfriend and want to have a look. My father is very tough this time. He insists that you go there. If you have no problem, you can go home with me."

Although Leena didn't like Miguel's father spoke in such a tough way, she could understand. All the high-rank officials were like this, especially those who were big enough to often bring their leader's airs home. Her father used to be like this, but it was just out of habit that he was very kind.

"I'm still in class," said Leena In fact, she didn't have the confidence to meet Miguel's parents. It happened too suddenly. She didn't know what the elders of the Song Family would do to her, so she was very ner

ation is not related to the next generation. By the way, it happened when Leena was still young."

Susan looked down upon her, and Leena kept her head down and dared not speak. Miguel held her hand and asked, "Dad, mom, what do you want from Leena?"

Ronald just smiled and said, "It's just that I haven't seen her for a long time. I called her here to have a look when I knew she was with you." Then she asked Leena a lot of questions, including where to go to school, when to graduate, whether her mother was still alive, where her brother went to school, and what plans she would have in the future.

Leena answered all of the questions, but the more he asked, the more suspicious she became. Was this a question about the parents' examination of their daughter-in-law? Miguel also frowned.

Later, Ronald chatted with Leena for a while and finally nodded with satisfaction. "Not bad. Although she has lived a hard life these years, she has her own ambitions and persistence. She is also a girl of outstanding character!"

Leena smiled awkwardly, "I'm flattered!" She was so nervous that her hands were intertwined, and she increasingly felt that the intention of Ronald's words was obvious.

Miguel kept asking, "What do you want to do, father?"

Ronald smiled again and asked, "How long have you been together? Dear Leena, is Miguel good to you? Did he bully you? If he bullies you and makes you sad, just tell me. I'll punish him for you. "

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