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   Chapter 71 Lost For Words (Part Two)

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Miguel thought about something but didn't say anything. Leena watched for a long time, but she didn't see half of her brother's figure. It seemed that he was really far away.

Miguel said, "Let's go back. He will come out one day. He hasn't shown up for so long because he has made up his mind to avoid you. It's useless for you to wait. "

"He must have come back to see my mother. He knows today is my mother's birthday, but why doesn't he come out? My mother misses him very much! "

Leena was still out of control.

Miguel comforted, "He must have his own difficulties. "

Later, Leena and Miguel went back, but she didn't tell her mother about her meeting with Peterson, in case her mother was sad. Her mother had been looking forward to him for 9 years, but he didn't go home. Did joining the Empire Group embarrass him so that he didn't even dare to see his family? In fact, he could go home without saying anything, but why didn't he go home? He must miss home very much, too. Just like now, he was only lingering at the entrance of the alley and didn't dare to go in. Leena couldn't figure it out.

After dinner, they went back to the apartment. In the car, Miguel suddenly mentioned something, "In fact, your brother... I can help him. Have I told you about it before? "

Leena turned to look at him. Miguel continued, "I said my brother had some contact with the people from the Empire Group. He could save your brother, but you have to cooperate. "

"What do you want me to do? Leena asked.

Miguel hesitated for a long time, with his thin lips tightly closed. He even tightened his grip on the steering wheel with both hands, and his veins stood out. He stared ahead with burning eyes, which were a little terrifying. After thinking for a long time, he said, "You only need to see one person. "

Leena felt that he seemed to have made a great decision to say this. She couldn't help but look at him a

the thing he gave her. It was a bowknot hairpin. She couldn't help but burst into tears.

This was an agreement between her and her brother. When she was angry or sad when she was a child, her brother would give her such a hairpin, because she liked bowknot hairpins very much when she was a child. She also collected a lot of them, most of which were sent by her brother. She was much younger than her brother. Peterson didn't care much about her and thought she was a little girl, but he still loved her very much. Every time she was sad and disappointed, he would send her something to please her silently without saying anything. As long as she saw the bowknot hairpin, she knew that he was comforting her or encouraging her. She also felt warm in her heart.

Many years had passed, and she had grown up into a girl and no longer liked such childish things like little girls. But what did her brother mean by giving her a bowknot? It was like comforting her, encouraging her and apologizing to her in her childhood?

Brother, what was he thinking about? Why did he say sorry? Why did he give her a bowknot but refused to go home every year? Even if he just took a look at her from a distance when he returned home, why?

Thinking of this, Leena felt sad and burst into tears.

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