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   Chapter 70 Lost For Words (Part One)

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This weekend was the birthday of Leena's mother, Mrs. Yang. Her mother was almost 50 or 60 years old, so the party was more grand this time. In addition to Rena, she also invited Spencer and Miguel to have dinner with them. They would also invite their close neighbors.

Leena had already told her that Miguel was dating again. At that time, her mother was silent for a long time before she said, "You have always been an independent and sensible child. I have never cared about you since you were a child. But you'd better think clearly about your relationship with him. Can he give you happiness? Will he hurt you again? Will he do anything to you if Alina happened again? "

"Mom, I've thought it clearly, or I wouldn't have been with him. He behaved very sincere, as if he was serious with me, and it was very happy to be with him. "

Mrs. Yang still felt doubt and had a lot of questions, but in the end, she only said softly, "That's good. You're not a child anymore. I hope you can meet the right person this time, not be delayed by sorrow. I'm looking forward to your happiness. You've had the hardest time in our family! "

Mrs. Yang's words were full of guilt. Leena deeply knew that her mother loved her, so she repeatedly promised that she would live a good life.

Later, she didn't tell Miguel about the conversation between her mother. But when she invited Miguel to celebrate her mother's birthday, she was very careful to dress Miguel up. She also bought a lot of things that her mother liked and handed them to Miguel, asking Miguel to send them to her home.

Miguel smiled and said, "Are you afraid that your aunt doesn't like me, so you tell me what to do in front of her? You bought such a big thing and asked me to send it to her? In fact, you can just tell me. I will buy it without your money. "

"That's what I should do. Your performance is also related to mine, isn't it?" Leena teased.

Miguel suddenly fell silent and lowered his head.

"What's wrong with you? Did I put too much pressure on you? "

Miguel looked up at

iable person. If possible, she was willing to go on with Miguel. After all, Qin Carlson was an unreachable person. They had no future, and they wouldn't wait foolishly. Therefore, she would find someone suitable for her for the rest of her life.

After buying the vinegar, Leena came back and saw a man wandering around at the entrance of the alley. He was wearing a dark brown T-shirt, jeans and peaked cap, smoking. Sometimes he looked at her door with melancholy in his eyes. Leena was stunned for a moment, because that was her brother, Peterson!

She kept staring at her blankly. Miguel lowered his head and asked, "What's wrong?" she didn't answer until the man opposite also saw her. At that moment, the eyes of Peterson and Leena contacted. Peterson seemed to be shocked and wanted to say something, but he didn't say anything. He turned around and ran away.

Leena exclaimed, "Brother!" Then she went after him. However, Peterson climbed very fast, and how could she catch up with him? He disappeared soon. Leena shouted towards the empty intersection twice, but no one responded. She was very disappointed!

Miguel caught up with her and asked, "What's wrong? You called me brother just now. Is that your brother Peterson? "

"Yes, you saw him, didn't you? He was here just now, but he ran away and he didn't see me!" Leena was very excited and disappointed.

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