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   Chapter 69 Twin Sisters (Part Two)

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When they arrived at the Heaven Hotel, Leena trained the ladies. Spencer excitedly told Rena that he was familiar with this place and took her to play. Although Rena looked cold, she was curious about new things. Moreover, she couldn't resist the temptation of Spencer, so she followed him.

Leena didn't see the two of them come back after the training. She didn't intend to disturb their date, so she went to talk to Lewis for a while.

Lewis said, "Simon may come here later. Are you waiting for him? "

"I don't think she can wait any longer. It's late now. "

Lewis continued, "Mr. Carlson may come with Simon. A few days ago, Mr. Carlson asked you where you have found a job. "

Speaking of Carlson, Leena was a little nervous, with one hand grasping her arm tightly. She tried to be calm and asked, "During this period of time... Does Carlson often come here? "

"No, he seldom came here after you resigned. Even if he came here, he often sat in the box with you and then left. He didn't call ladies here. "

"Oh." Leena answered indifferently. She didn't know what she felt when she heard this name.

She had been dating with Miguel for two months. She had put all her energy into dating with him sincerely, so she rarely thought of Carlson. But when Lewis mentioned him today, she felt a faint sadness, as if she had not completely jumped out of his circle. She had thought that she could let go of this man, and it was not until this moment that she realized that she did not let him go. It was just temporarily concealed. There was still a certain position in her heart, and from time to time, she stirred up her emotions.

After saying goodbye to Lewis, she went to the bathroom and lit a cigarette, slowly thinking about the past between her and Carlson. There was a door in the Heaven Hotel, which opened her memory about Carlson. There were their scenery everywhere, as if they had been involved, entangled, used and hurt each other wherever she went.

As soon as she finished smoking, she received a call from Miguel. Miguel had already worked overtime and drove to pick her up. Leena called Rena and Spencer, then she went out.

She walked slowly through the scene of the Heaven Hotel, through the lively bar counter and the dancing floor. She couldn't help but stop in front of the dancing floor for a while, because she remembered that she once danced with Carlson on it, and then Carlson kissed her forcefully.

She used to hate that kiss very much, but now when she thought of it, she inexplicably felt domineering and powerful, just like his personality, which was as unyielding and irresistible as an eagle.

Leena touched her lips and turned around, only to find that Carlson was walking through the passage in the distance. She thought she had a hallucination. At that moment, she was really stunned!

Carlson was still so handsome. He wore a suit and tie, and his hair was neatly combed. He

't act for me! I think I'm so stupid. I acted like a clown in front of him, pretending to be happy. Without him, I can live a happy life without him. I don't care how bitter I feel, how much I miss him and how much I love him! But he didn't care about me anymore. He had a new relationship and his own happiness! He is really happy, but I pretend to be happy. He will laugh at me when he sees it, because I'm lucky or not, and I can't irritate him. I'm already a passer-by to him, so why do I have to pretend to be happy in front of him, as if I'm still immersed in the past relationship and can't escape from the anger. So I think I'm so stupid, so stupid, really stupid! "

Rena was crying. Leena was in a good mood to comfort her, but she just murmured, "We must be twins, real twins..." "Because all the experiences we met are so similar. They are all cheated on by a man who has no heart at the same time, and even the woman who caused them to cheat on each other is the same!"

When Rena was thinking about him, Jimmy had fallen in love with someone else and had a new relationship. She thought she had an old relationship with Carlson, but he had already ignored her. All their thoughts and thoughts were their wishful thinking... It was just wishful thinking!

They were so stupid. They were just clowns on the stage of love. They were laughed at and narcissistic. What a pitiful and pathetic clown!

Perhaps it was because of Rena's emotion that Leena didn't want to cry, but she had to strengthen her sadness and tears fell down.

A clown, a pathetic clown! But Rena could vent her anger at will, because she was far more ridiculous than Rena. After all, Rena had been in love with him, but she only had a one-sided crush on Carlson. She even thought that others would care about her feelings. How ridiculous!

Leena hugged Rena silently and comforted her, "Don't cry, Rena. Everything will be fine!" But she cried with tears all over her face.

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