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   Chapter 68 Twin Sisters (Part One)

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After quitting the job in the Heaven Hotel, Leena didn't find a new job. On the one hand, she was getting busier and busier with her study. On the other hand, it was dangerous to look for a job now. She might have to keep a low profile for a period of time, so except for dating with Miguel, she spent most of her time at school.

She was also curious. The people of the Empire Group hadn't come to find her for a long time, and then she attributed it to the Song Family. Because she had a relationship with Miguel now, those people didn't dare to do anything to them easily.

Rena often said, "Although I don't agree with your relaitionship with Miguel, I have to say that you are so lucky. It's worth it to meet a man like Miguel! Look at how nice he is to you. He brings breakfast to you every day, takes you out for dinner, and cares about you. No matter how busy he is, he spares lots of time to accompany you every day. If you are sick or something happened, he will be even more anxious. He wants to stay with you every day. How could a person change so much? Miguel makes me see a miracle! Besides, he is rich and handsome. You are lucky! "

"Are you jealous? In fact, you can also find a rich and handsome man. Look at Spencer. He is very nice and shows up in front of you every day. He is more diligent than Miguel now. I don't think he comes for me! "

"Bah, he means nothing to me." Rena depised.

"How dare you say that he is not rich and handsome? Tell me, what doesn't he deserve to be called as rich and handsome? Leena teased.

"Handsome? I think he looks like a old grandma. I suspect that there is a woman in his inner heart! Or is there anyone working in the women's Union in their family? "

"Haha, there is really someone in the women's Union in their family. He cares about you very much! Can't you notice that? Although he always bickered with you, in most cases, he accommodate himself to you and is good to you. I suspect that he doesn't know how to express his feelings to the girls he likes, just like a primary school student. He can only use his bickering to attract your attention! "


sed and asked if he should tell Mr. Miguel. As long as Leena agreed, he reported to Miguel cheerfully.

Rena whispered to Leena, "Look at him. He is older than Miguel, but he is just a subordinate of Miguel. "

"Do you know why he is called Old Spencer? In fact, he is in the same age with Mike, but he always hang out with a group of young people. Therefore, Miguel and others named him Old Spencer, saying that he was very old. "

Mike was 5 years older than Miguel, and Spencer was 4 years older than him. According to the age division, drew should be with Miguel's brother. But who knew that Spencer liked to be with Miguel. Besides, there were a group of people of the same age or younger, so he became the oldest in this group of high-ranking officials. Therefore, everyone called him Old Spencer. There was another meaning to call him Old Spencer. In the words of Miguel's father, he said, "He is the only good man in the high-rank officials." Other friends also commented on Spencer that he was not like the rich guys of officials at all. He was an old good man without any official aura. "That's why Spencer is called Old Spencer.

Spencer asked, "What are you talking about? I heard you talking about me? "

"It's okay. Drive your car carefully!" The more Leena looked at him, the more she thought he was a good man. He could be her 'brother-in-law', Rena's husband. This plan is quietly brewing in her mind.

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