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   Chapter 67 A Romantic Gift From Miguel (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-05-11 00:28

Lowering her head, Leena smiled shyly and said, "Thank you. You are so kind to me! "

Rena couldn't figure out what she meant, but she still gave a hint with her eyes that she should think it over.

Miguel smiled and replied, "As long as you are happy, everything is fine. Let's eat cakes together. You should eat more tonight! "

They sat down together and shared the cakes. Although there were only four people, it was still very lively. In the past, there were only her and Rena's birthday. Today, there were two more people, and one more person was silently devoted to her. This feeling was good.

After the cake was finished, Miguel took Leena to the rooftop. Rena wanted to follow him, but was stopped by Spencer, who said, "Why are you following me to the romantic club? Are you going to be the third wheel? "

Rena couldn't catch up with her and called Leena. She turned around and comforted, "You can stay in the apartment with Spencer. I'll be back soon. "

Leena said with a smile on her face and a pleasant voice. Rena seemed to understand what she meant and stopped struggling. Leena went upstairs.

Miguel held her hand all the way to the rooftop. He looked around and said mysteriously, "Guess why I brought you here? "

Leena looked around and saw nothing but a little starlight in the night sky. The place she lived was very close to the new campus of the University, and the new campus was in the suburbs, surrounded by urban villages. Even near her apartment, there were buildings everywhere, so there was really no light, and the so-called beautiful night scene could not be seen. She and Rena read and went to bed every night after class or after work. They seldom went out, so she really didn't know why Miguel took her to th

tion and maturity. And she really wanted to regain her youth, maybe she could find back the love she had lost.

Leena suddenly burst into tears, but she still smiled happily and foolishly.

Miguel asked her again, "Do you agree? "

Leena didn't say anything. She just stretched out her hands to hug him, the first love she once had a crush on, and sobbed, "How can I not agree with you? "

Excited and unbelievable, Miguel asked, "You agreed? You really agreed? "

"I'm hugging you now. What else do you want me to do? "

Miguel was so excited that he suddenly held her in his arms and circled around, shouting, "You agreed, you really agreed. You will be mine from now on! Ah! "

His roar of happiness made Leena laugh. Leena felt so good to be held by him at this moment. Smelling the fragrant roses and looking around at the dreamlike "I LOVE YOU", she was very satisfied and happy. She no longer cared about the abandon and indifference of Carlson, no longer cared about the Empire Group and use. She just sincerely felt the love of Miguel, and sincerely wanted to accept and protect this love. She also hoped that she could treat this love with pure heart!

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