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   Chapter 66 A Romantic Gift From Miguel (Part One)

College Girl Behind The Charming CEO By Little Red Cap Characters: 6365

Updated: 2020-05-11 00:18

His eyes lit up, and he became more mature and sincere. Although in her memory, he was still the young man who rode a bike, at this moment he belonged to her very much. He was no longer unreachable and incomprehensible to her. He stayed for her and waited for her to hold his hand.

Leena was deeply touched. She looked at the gift box in his hand and said, "You remember my birthday. I thought no one would notice it except my family members and Rena. "

In middle school, she remembered Miguel's birthday deeply. Although she knew that they wouldn't have any intersection, she always bought a small cake on his birthday secretly, lit candles in the room, prayed silently, and then said to the air, "Happy Birthday, Miguel!" Then she pretend to be with him and shared the cake with herself.

After her father's death, her family became poor form then on and didn't celebrate her birthday anymore. She even worked every birthday. Only in the evening when she came back home, her mother cooked a bowl of birthday noodles, or small gifts and cakes from Rena. She didn't tell others about her birthday, because there was no need for anyone to take her in his heart. Gradually, she forgot her own birthday and didn't deliberately remember it. She didn't expect a big surprise when it came. Today, Miguel showed up and arranged such a birthday party, which undoubtedly shocked and moved her.

"I asked Rena about it. I remember that your birthday is in April. I asked her before and told her that it was today that she came up with the idea of arranging a birthday party for you. "

"Thank you very much, really! "

"This is my birthday gift for you." Miguel handed the box to her.

As soon as she took it, Rena came up to snatch the mirror, "Dang, Dang, Dang, I give it to you! It must be something you have been looking forward to for a long time! "

Rena's gift box was so big that she couldn

miled at Leena and Miguel as if nothing had happened.

Leena understood what was on Rena's mind. PerhapsRena had a bad meomory with her ex boyfriend Jimmy after they broke up, so she didn't agree to turn around. Rena was far more rational and sober than her in love affairs. Therefore, even though Miguel made her feel touched everywhere, Rena always reminded her to think it over.

She had thought it clearly that she didn't like Miguel so much, and she had a grudge against the past of Miguel and Alina. But in the past few days, she was moved by the spirit of Miguel. What she saw was a new and serious woman who was serious about love. In order to get her forgiveness, she had fought for her or spent half a year's savings to give her a gift. If she let it go, she could be cruel to her. She was unmoved, but now she was really fragile. She needed someone to take care of her heart, and Miguel happened to appear in time and helped her. How could she not be moved?

She was eager to prove that she was not the ugly duckling that no one loved, and that she was also loved. She wanted to announce to Carlson that even if he didn't want her, someone would want her. She didn't care about his feelings at all! She just wanted a relationship that she could rely on!

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