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   Chapter 62 The Gentle Look (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-05-10 00:08

At that time, "Miguel" was the most beautiful name in the world, and he was the most beautiful and admirable person under the sun. He was incomparable.

Thinking of this and looking at the campus in front of her, the past is rolling before her eyes. It had been 9 years. Sometimes she would forget the reason why she fell in love with him, but she remembered how deeply she had loved him.

When she walked to the bike shed, she looked at all the bikes. Looking at the corner where she had been crouching, she suddenly muttered, "It turns out that I have loved you so much! "Tears can't help rolling down her cheeks. What a wonderful and painful thing unrequited love is!

Miguel asked nervously, "Why are you crying? "

Leena looked at him. His face overlapped with the radiant face of a young man. The person she had expected before stood in front of her, holding her hand. It's like a dream. She said, "Do you know that a long time ago, there was a girl who had been silently watching you, waiting for you to turn around and notice her? One glance from you could make her sleep soundly for three days, and one frown from you would make her heart ache for a long time. "

Miguel knew why she was sad. He wiped her tears with his hands and said, "Leena, I don't know when did you fall in love with me, but I didn't ignore you. Since I accidentally saw you in the community and knew that you were Bowen's daughter, I have often seen you in the community or in the campus. I can see you riding with me sometimes. You are so cute. Gradually I think we meet each other because of fate. Although you are a little reticent and may have an inferior complex, you are much better than those pretentious girls who blindly compare with each other in school. You are excellent in study and in all aspects. You are not so ordinary. You are excellent. Maybe you didn't know that I'm happy when you stared at me secretly. I enjoyed your gaz

't want to think about it anymore.

Rena looked at her for a while and didn't ask any more questions. She turned around and continued to do her homework. But she suddenly remembered something and said casually, "Did Miguel send us pizza again tonight? "

"What? "Leena turned around.

While doing her homework, Rena said, "You have gone out with him. Why did he bring pizza to us? I've had dinner in the dining room already, so I haven't eaten the pizza yet. By the way, there was a note in it. The content of the note was pretty much the same as the note received in the morning. "

Leena stood up and walked to the table. As expected, she saw a pizza box. She opened the bag and saw a note in it, which wrote something similar to the note received this morning. "The breakfast and pizza were not sent by Miguel. "

"What? "Rena was surprised this time, "Then who sent it? "

Leena suddenly stood up and started searching. "What are you looking for?" Rena asked? "After searching for a while, Leena finally found the Monkey Cici in the bag that stuffed the quilt. She took off the paper from the monkey's body and looked at the handwriting on the paper. It was exactly the same as the one sent with pizza. She was so shocked that she sat on the ground and murmured, "Carlson! "

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