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   Chapter 60 Show His Sincerity (Part Two)

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"You are still taking pleasure in my misfortune here. My parents are easy to deal with. I'm afraid that my brother will say that I'm naughty. I can't take charge of the company! "

"If I don't help you say something more, will you arouse others' sympathy? You fought for them!" As he spoke, he glanced at Leena.

Leena couldn't stand it anymore. She felt sorry when she saw Miguel lying on the bed and chatting with Spencer happily. Now that he had involved her, it would be inappropriate if she didn't say anything. Leena said apologetically, "I'm sorry to bring you trouble! "

"If you really feel sorry, you should marry him. Mr. Miguel has done all of these for you. "

Embarrassed, Leena didn't know how to respond.

Rena was also eloquent, "You can't just threaten him like this. Who agreed to be with your Mr. Miguel first and who abandoned him first? This has become a shadow in her heart. Why do you still ask her to marry you? "

"Hey, hey, you devil. Have you have a little conscience? When everyone makes mistakes, Mr. Miguel has been sincere and repentant. If it weren't for the sake of Mr. Miguel, could you be save now? "

When the two of them were about to argue, Miguel shouted, "Well, this is my private affair with Leena. Let's be quiet for a while? "

Spencer was quiet, but Rena still said stubbornly, "Miguel, what you did today makes me very touched, and we owe you a favor, but it can't offset the dark history of you and Alina! I don't want my friend to be with you because what you have done for her. Otherwise, she will be hurt in the future. If you want to pursue her, show your sincerity, instead of fooling her because of one or two sacrifices. I hope you can give her a safe embrace and a stable relationship, without being affected by any woman! "

After saying that, Rena said to Leena, "You should also figure out what kind of relationship you need, instead of being moved by a few sweet words! I'll wait for you outside and won't interfere in your affairs with him!" Then she really went out.

Spencer murmured, "What a bad girl! "

Miguel said to Spencer in a low voice, "Get out, you too! "

Spencer spread out his hands and answered unhappily, "I'd rather go out to buy something than be with the devil!" Then she went out too. No one knew she was going to buy something or not.

There were only two people left in the room, Leena and Miguel. Both of them were embarrassed and didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry. You don't have to take Rena's words seriously. Sometimes she is just quick tongued and impulsive. "

She felt really sorry for Miguel now. No matter how she blamed him back then, he did a good thing for her today and got injured for her. Anyway, it was her fault, so she should apologize to him.

"Leena..." Miguel called out.

After hesitating for a while, she walked up to him and let him hold her.

Miguel held her han

e will change slowly. "

Rena was even more confused. She frowned and asked, "What do you mean? "

"Nothing. Let's go back. I remember we have class tomorrow. "Leena didn't want to explain anymore. Should she tell Rena that she doesn't love Miguel anymore and that she has fallen in love with Carlson? What's more ridiculous was that Rena would scold her like that. Sometimes she felt that she was out of her mind to like Carlson.

On the second day, Leena slept late. Because she had classes in the afternoon, Rena got up early and worked in the apartment. Leena thought she went out to buy vegetables, but she just went out for a while and came back. "You're back so soon. Have you forgotten to take your wallet? "

Rena replied, "No, someone bought breakfast for us in advance and hung it at the door. "

Leena sat up and looked at the base band breakfast in Rena's hand. It was probably porridge, powder or something like that, and it was still steaming hot. She was confused.

Rena said, "It's for us. There is a note in it. I suspect that it's from Miguel. Have a look." Then he handed the note to Leena.

Leena looked at the note and it said, "I bought breakfast for you. You can have lunch in the school canteen. It's not safe recently, so try not to go out. "

Leena felt that the notes were very familiar, but she was not very clear about the handwriting of Miguel, because she hadn't carefully studied the notes of Miguel in the past 9 years.

But soon she received a message from Miguel, saying, "Try to stay in your apartment these days. If you need anything, you can come to me. If you can't, you can call Spencer. Anyway, don't go out alone. "

Rena sighed, "I think Miguel is a kind person. He was injured and sent breakfast to you early in the morning. He is sincere! "

Leena still didn't say anything. Rena sat down and said, "Just eat. I won't interfere in your business. You can think it over! "

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