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   Chapter 57 Dialogue In The VIP Room

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When Leena arrived at the VIP room where Simon was, she first asked the waiter beside the door to go in and give notice. After all, she was wearing casual clothes now, not uniform. It was too impolite to go in so rashly, and there was no need to talk about her resignation in front of the guests.

However, the waiter came out and said that Simon let her come in. "Doesn't he know that I'm not here for work today? "

The waiter said, "Simon just let you in. "

Leena had no choice but to ask Rena to wait outside. She also asked waiter to take Rena to the bar counter to have a drink. It was impolite for her to go in alone. It would be more impolite if she took Rena with her.

Out of professional habit, Leena groomed herself and did a little make-up. Then she walked in with a smile. There were only four or five guests in the VIP room, including Simon and several superstars. Leena recognized the people who were popular. The rest were not very famous. She didn't know them.

The Heaven Hotel was divided into three groups. On one side, it was a place for celebrities to have fun. On the other side, it was a fancy place only for senior officials and big shots in the shopping mall. Of course, it was also a gathering place for the ladies. The rest was open places. Everyone could enter, but they could only drink and dance. There was no shady business. If the police came to investigate the Ling Family's relationship, they would only investigate the public area, so there had been nothing problem with the Heaven Hotel for many years.

Every time Simon came here, there would always be some unpopular stars who would follow. They would follow him wherever he went, regardless of the place and identity. Sometimes, even Leena, who was sensitive to news, sighed that she was inferior to them. As a staff, sometimes she didn't know that Simon was here, but these stars had already followed him in a crowd. She still saw some stars attending the this fancy place. So she guessed that Simon might be here.

Simon didn't care about the reputation of these stars. They could flatter him as they liked, as long as they didn't disturb their negotiation. In the past, Simon would play with these stars when he liked to play, but now he had married and restrained himself a lot. Not only did he less come to the Heaven Hotel, but he also didn't play with the stars or let the ladies play with him. If there were stars or ladies present, they would only accompany his business partners.

Just like this time, five or six stars were only around his business partners. These stars often took their cues from the bosses

efused. He smiled calmly and said, "My wife doesn't allow it, so I will light it myself. "

Hearing that, Leena smiled knowingly. It occurred to her that you hadn't asked the beautiful woman to light a cigarette for a long time. Just now in the VIP room, he refused to light a cigarette for him. He really kept a certain distance from ladies outside. But why did he hold her just now?

After smoking for a while, Simon suddenly shook his head and chuckled. "Carlson likes you. "

Hearing that, Leena was stunned again. She blinked her eyes and looked at Simon. She felt that he seemed to be joking or serious, so she asked, "What did Simon say? "

"Didn't you notice that Carlson likes you?" Simon asked with a smile. He seemed to be helpless and amused by her reaction.

"It's impossible for him to like me. "

Colin touched his chin and said, "men can see men clearly, especially When I was young, I was very similar to Vernon. When a playboy fell in love with a woman, he was not willing to show it. "

Leena still smiled indifferently, "Maybe. But in my opinion, Simon is never a playboy, even if you still have two women in your heart when you are hanging out with other men. But Carlson was different. He really had no hatred, no love, and was completely cold-blooded. He might fall in love with another woman, but he wouldn't fight for interests when he couldn't be with that woman. "Just like Lily, she hasn't seen what Hardy has done for Lily. Even if he might like Lily, he is still working on the interests and won't stay for her."

"It seems that you know more about him than me? Simon asked meaningfully.

"Because we've known each other for a long time. So I want to resign. I don't want to provoke such a terrible man! "

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