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   Chapter 54 Leena's Escape

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Carlson was really ruthless!

Thinking of this, Leena suddenly sneered at her silliness. Why would she fell for such a person?

When she was disheartened, Alina suddenly came.

Leena raised her head when she heard the door open. She thought it was Dylan's men, so she was surprised to find that it was Alina. She had been locked up there for a day without anyone looking for her. Shouldn't Dylan or Dylan's men be the first one to come for her? How could it be Alina? And she came alone.

Alina closed the door leisurely and smiled at her. Then she walked up to her like a queen. Leena felt weird when she saw her sudden appearance.

Alina crossed her arms and said, "Hi, didn't expect us to meet here, did you? Although she smiled when she spoke, her tone was a little arrogant, as if she was looking down at an insignificant loser.

Staring at her, Leena felt that although the woman in front of her was beautiful and even more beautiful than before, she could not arouse her appreciation at all. No one could forgive her after being hurt by such a beautiful woman? She and Alina used to be love rivals. Because of Alina, she had been hurt by Miguel several times. She was a loser in front of Alina, and now she was at a disadvantage in front of her. It was indeed very unpleasant.

Leena looked calm and asked, "What are you doing here? Did Dylan ask you to come here? "

Alina chuckled and shook her head. Instead of answering in a hurry, she lowered her head, lit a cigarette and took two puffs slowly. Her manner of smoking was somewhat similar to that of Dylan, but hers was more lazy and charming while Dylan's was domineering and deep. "Do you think I only work for Dylan? "

"Aren't you on Dylan's side? Leena's tone was flat, but this sentence itself was full of irony even if it was said in a flat tone. Alina abandoned Miguel and went back to Dylan. Wasn't she working for Dylan?

Alina smiled and said indifferently, "Well, that's what you think. But I really didn't come here for Dylan today. "

"What do you want? "

Alina found a chair and sat down, crossed her legs and said to Leena face to face, "How did you feel after being with Carlson these days?

was not the one she was destined to be!

"Miss Alina, why did you say that to me today? "She doesn't believe that Alina was kind enough to remind her that Carlson was a liar.

Alina said, "I don't have any purpose. I just want to pay off Miguel's debt. "

Alina said that she owed Miguel, so she had to give Miguel some compensation. Now Miguel was pursuing Leena, so she would help her escape. She also hoped that she could treat Miguel well and stop contacting with Carlson.

According to Alina's words, she could understand why she came to persuade her to give up on Carlson tonight. However, Leena was surprised to see Alina being so kind and conscientious.

Leena didn't refute Alina. It didn't matter whether she promised Alina to be with Miguel or not, she wouldn't refuse Alina's kindness. Why should she refuse someone who would help her escape? So she acquiesced in Alina's action.

Alina kept her words. Under her arrangement, Leena got on a car that sent fresh vegetables to Dylan's apartment and escaped. Perhaps Dylan hadn't expected that Alina would betray him, so he didn't defend Alina in this way. Of course he didn't know that it was Alina who helped Leena escape.

It was not until she safely escaped from Dylan's apartment that she realized that Alina was really a scheming woman. Carlson and his brother Peterson couldn't do such a thing, but she easily did it.

After Leena escaped, the first person to meet her was Miguel.

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