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   Chapter 53 The Abandonment of Carlson

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Carlson reacted quickly, but when he was about to move, another man outside quickly rushed in and pointed a gun at him. He could only raise his hand to surrender.

Carlson's men also took out their guns, but more people came in and pointed their guns at them. "Don't move! "

Carlson had only 5 people in total. How could they win these seven or eight enemies who suddenly came in with guns and attacked first? Soon they were subdued by those people, and Carlson had no choice but to surrender.

Carlson said, "Who are you? What do you want? "

The man who pointed a gun at Leena said playfully, "Of course we are our boss's men. Please come with us! "

Leena guessed that the boss he referred to should be Dylan, because Dylan was now the boss of the Empire Group. They were actually forcing instead of inviting Carlson to go with them because they pointed the gun at Carlson and his men and forced them to get in cars.

It was eye-catching for a group of people to rush out of the hotel. But perhaps their manner was too intimidating that others dare not to question or approach. Moreover, they walked very fast. Soon the car disappeared at the door of the hotel. Therefore, the crisis passed like this, and no one cared.

They drove to the riverside and invited Carlson and others to board a private yacht. The yacht looked ordinary, but the guards on it were very strict. Leena guessed that Dylan should be here.

Sure enough, once they were on the yacht, she saw Dylan and Alina, who was with Dylan.

Before this, Leena knew that Dylan was older than Carlson. He was about forty years old, but he took good care of himself and didn't bare his age at all. What surprised Leena was that Dylan was 170 cm in height. He was rather short beside 168 centimeters tall Alina, who was wearing a pair of low heels. Leena couldn't believe that Alina, who always liked handsome men and who was chased by a lot of people, would choose Dylan. Apart from his power and wealth, there was no reason that she would choose him. It also meant that Dylan was really a very powerful man. He could make a woman like Alina stay with him for so many years even when he had a wife.

Alina was not surprised to see Leena and Carlson. She just gave a meaningful smile and lit a cigar for Dylan. The way

was badly hurt and even tasted the smell of blood in her mouth. Her hair was in a mess when she shook her head just now. It could be seen how hard the people of the Empire Group had slapped. But in this way, he still didn't turn around, to say nothing of saving her. She really felt sad and desperate.

If she hadn't fallen in love with her in the first place, she wouldn't have been so painful when she had been abandoned. At most, she would be a little disappointed. But now, apart from disappointment, she was so sad that she wanted to cry.

Leena just felt sad and heartbroken. She didn't expect her tears to fall like this. It was not until she felt the warm wetness and found the tears fell to the ground that she realized she had cried. She was surprised that she cried sadly for Carlson.

Finally, Carlson left. She was detained. Dylan imprisoned her on the yacht and took her to his villa.

Dylan's villa was built in the unknown suburb, where the terrain was very complicated and people were few. However, the villa was very large and luxurious. It was divided into several buildings. There was a swimming pool, a horse course, and even a golf course around. Almost all the entertainment facilities were complete. Leena was locked up in a room of the villa. There were guards outside, and one day passed, no one came to interrogate her. She didn't know what was waiting for her.

However, at this time, she was still sad for Carlson. As expected, she can tell from this matter that she had no place in his heart.

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