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   Chapter 51 Go With Me

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Peterson reacted quickly and covered Leena, "Carlson, I won't let you hurt my sister! "

"Hurt?" Carlson sneered, "Peterson, you did a good job, but are you still the former Peterson? You can kill people for money. What else can't you do? "

Leena looked at her brother in shock. She couldn't believe what Carlson said. Had her brother killed someone?

Peterson explained coldly, "Nonsense! I've never killed anyone. No matter how vicious I am, I can't compare with what you have done in the street! "

Leena looked at Carlson again. This time, she was a little in favor of what her brother said. She still believed that her brother was kind and innocent. How could he kill someone? And Carlson was indeed related to the street tragedy that caused a sensation throughout the country.

"Let's not talk about the past. You came here for Dylan, right? Have you really thought about it for your sister? Following me is better than following Dylan? Dylan could take your sister away by threatening her with kidnapping. The subordinates he sent dared to hurt your sister, but I didn't hurt her. I didn't give up on her even when she fell into the water. I protected her all the time. You can ask yourself, who is better to treat your sister? "

"Carlson, do you it is good to your former lovers? But what happened to them? How did you behave?" Peterson mocked. "Although my sister is a little silly, I'm not stupid. Besides, I won't go against my conscience to let my sister marry a person like you! "

When Peterson spoke, he held her hand tightly, giving her warmth and strength. At that moment, she felt that her brother was so reliable. Her brother was right. No matter what, even if he worked for Dylan, he was her biological brother, a brother related by blood. How could he hurt her? But who was Carlson, an unreliable man? How could she give up her brother and trust him? She was really confused!

Carlson sneered, "Peterson, you can continue to act, but I will never let Leena fall into the hands of Dylan. Do you think you can take her away in this situation today? "

"What do you want?" Peterson held Leena'

hts. Since Carlson grew up in such a environment, he naturally thinks that others are the same as him.

"You are too naive." Carlson also laughed at you. "After all, he left without you. How can you expect him to have a conscience? Isn't he working for Dylan? "

Leena didn't say anything more, but looked unhappy and sad.

Seeing this, Carlson sighed and didn't argue with her anymore. Instead, he came over and hugged her. "I'm here to protect you, aren't I? "

His tone was like a murmur, and there was a bit of pampering, which made Leena at a loss. Moreover, her disgust with him just now made her want to push him away. However, Carlson held her so tightly that she had no chance to push him away. At the same time, he lowered his head and gently kissed her face. Then he whispered to her face, "No matter what others say, I have never hurt you, haven't I? "

Leena suddenly became quiet. She was somewhat attached to his embrace, feeling very warm and secure. Maybe it was because he just gave her the feeling of holding her in the hospital. Moreover, she was very lonely in her disappointment with her brother, and in her suspicion and distrust of the people around her. She really wanted to have someone to rely on, so once he held her and said such gentle words to her, she could not resist.

Leena said in a low voice, "You must be an old hand in love. You have a lot of ways to deal with women! "

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