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   Chapter 49 Heartbeat

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Stopped feeding her, Carlson said, "People will think I'm bullying you if you behave like this. "

Shocked, Leena raised her head and asked, "Hum? What's wrong with me?" After saying that, she was still in a panic. She thought she was so embarrassed at this moment. But she couldn't be defeated in this situation. Even if she blushed, she had to be serious and said, "Mr. Carlson, you're making me unhappy. Put down the porridge. I'll eat it by myself. "

However, Carlson had been staring at her all the time. Suddenly, he smiled and said, "Miss Leena, sometimes the more serious the truth you are talking about, the cuter you will be. "

"What?" She always felt that he was laughing at her, and she was actually blushing!

Carlson said, "I can't help but want to kiss you! "

"How dare you!" Leena looked up angrily and her face turned redder than before.

Carlsoncburst into laughter, which made Leena very embarrassed. Fortunately, the doctor came in at this time. This time, it was an old doctor, followed by the young doctor who had just diagnosed Leena. The old doctor said, "I'm here to see her. "

Carlson stopped playing and stood up to call the doctor in.

With the stethoscope in his hand, the old doctor turned over Leena's eyelids and looked at her tongue for a while before he said, "Are you frightened? "

"Am I scared?" Leena thought for a while and nodded. She should be frightened when she fell into the water, because she felt terrible when she went back to her nightmare in her childhood. She thought she was about to die at that time.

The old doctor put away the stethoscope and stood up. "Nothing serious. It's just that she was too frightened and had a palpitation reaction. I'll prescribe some medicine for her to take it. She will be fine after a few days of rest. "

"Is there anything prohibited foods?" Carlson Keith.

The old doctor said, "Come out with me." Then he took Carlson out. He talked with him for a while and asked him to withdraw the medicine and pay the bill. Then he was free.

Waiting in the ward, Leena suddenly sighed. She felt that Carlson treated her better than Miguel. Even if Miguel couldn't do this when they got together, and Carlson had no relationship with her.

After Carlson took the medicine back and let Leena take it, she was moved inexplicably and said, "In fact... You are a good man. "

After pausing for a moment, Carlson suddenly smiled and said, "You said I'm a good person? "

Leena nodded, "Thank you for taking care of m

highly of him. Most of the time, she could only decide by herself, even which middle school she would choose to graduate from primary school. When she was a little older, her father passed away because of guilt, and her brother was gone. Her mother was seriously ill, and her brother was young. Her family was supported by her, so she regarded herself as the heaven and earth. She had always been the one that her family could rely on, and she had never thought of anyone who could help her.

When she was in a relationship with Miguel, she thought that she could finally have a boyfriend to share her burden and act like a spoiled child. But on the contrary, Miguel didn't care about her and hurt her. So, in such a long-term loneliness, she accidentally met Carlson. Was she moved by his considerate care and had a good impression of him?

Leena thought her love was so cheap. She was as hard as a stone, but why was her heart so soft that she fell in love with a bad man so easily. If people knew that she was a bitch, they would think that she fell in love with a man so easily and was an unreliable man. If Carlson knew that, he would definitely laugh at her. She felt that she was cheap and was willing to stick to him.

Thinking of this, she felt uncomfortable, so she closed her eyes and didn't want to think too much.

After sleeping for a while, Leena heard someone call her, "Leena, is that you? "

She thought she had an illusion, so she opened her eyes and listened again. Sure enough, someone called, "Leena, is that you? "The voice wasn't from Carlson, but who else in the town knew her except for him? Leena turned around and saw a person who surprised her.

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