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   Chapter 46 The Passionate Kiss

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It was autumn. The river in the middle of the night was very cold. When she fell into it, Leena seemed to have returned to the nightmare of her childhood.

When she was a child, she went swimming with her brother. Her brother was a lot older than them and was in his teens. He didn't play with them. When he went into the swimming pool, he played alone. When he met a few beautiful girls, he played with them, completely ignoring her and other brothers. So she played with her little brother. Later, when her little brother's ball drifted to the middle of the water, he kept crying. She yelled a few times. At that time, there were not many people in the swimming pool, and few people paid attention to her. She swam there tentatively with a life ring around her waist.

At first, the ball was not far away from them. Leena thought that even if she couldn't swim, she could catch the ball with the life ring on. However, the ball drifted farther and farther because of the water wave. Her brother was young and crying hard, so Leena took the risk of swimming over. She didn't expect that she would fall into the deep water. She struggled for a while, but no one noticed her and she sank.

That memory was Leena's nightmare. It was the first time that she was so close to death. She cried desperately, but she could only drink water. When she opened her eyes, she saw that people were far away from her. She reached out to grab, but she could not catch anything, and the life ring had long been lost. It gave you hope, but you couldn't get it. In the end, you were still going to die. She struggled and struggled until her hands and feet cramped. But no one came to save her. She was desperate, and the sense of suffocation became more and more serious. At last, she finally lost her strength.

The current feeling was very similar to that of the past. The difference was that the river was very cold, and the surroundings were very dark. She could see nothing, and she felt more desperate than before.

Leena had lost her mind. She just felt that she was going to die. She might be dead soon! The only thing that could give her a little strength was that Carlson held her tightly. He had never let her go. He held her waist and they fluctuated with the wave together. However, besides holding her tightly, Carlson did not have any strength, either. The two of th

an't swim. If you are not lucky, you could really die together? "

"I "Leena wanted to say something, but she couldn't explain it. Then she knew that Carlson had made up an excuse to fool the fishermen. But it was better to say that she committed suicide than they were chased by the Empire Group. Otherwise, the fishermen wouldn't dare to save them. But it was ridiculous to commit suicide for love.

After saying thanks to the fisherman and listened to his advice, Leena turned to Carlson and said in a low voice, "So are we safe now? "

Carlson had been looking at her quietly. He didn't look away for a moment, nor did he answer her question, which made Leena very confused. His eyes were deep, focused and confused? All in all, it was quite complicated. Just as she was wondering why he looked at her like this, he suddenly leaned over to hug her and immediately kissed her.

Leena was stunned this time. How could he kiss her? Weren't they out of danger? Or he wanted to make a show?

The old man was still shaking his head, but he smiled and said, "Oh, young man! "

Leena pushed him away immediately, but he held her so tight that he was like an octopus wrapped on her body. He was so anxious to kiss her that he even bumped his teeth against hers, which nearly made Leena burst into tears. She pushed him away, but he just kissed her forcefully, which made her terrified because she didn't know what's wrong with him.

After a long time, Carlson released her. He caressed her face and said, "I don't know what's the difference between you and other women. "

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