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   Chapter 43 The Rescue

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After driving for a while, those people finally stopped. They dragged Leena out of the car and took her to another place.

The land along the way was not very good, full of bumps and hollows, and grass, similar to the farmland. Leena also heard the dog barking in the distance. 'Was this suburb or countryside?', she thought.

Seeing that Leena walked slowly, those people pushed her and rudely said, "Hurry up. What are you doing? "

Unfortunately, Leena's eyes were sealed by cloth. How could she walk so fast? She was pushed innocently and almost fell down.

After walking for a while, Leena heard that those people opened the iron door. It seemed to be a heavy iron door, so it made a loud noise. After entering, the ground was almost level. Maybe they walked to the cement ground, and at the same time, they smelled a smell of dust, as if no one had come for a long time.

Those people let Leena sit on the chair, and tied her back to the pillar behind her. Finally, the tape that sealed her mouth was tore off. Leena immediately said, "Who are you? Where did you take me? What are you doing? "

Someone pinched her chin and looked her up and down. "This girl is good-looking, but she is not that attractive to Carlson. At most, she is just average. Are you sure this is the person we are looking for? "

"Her surname is Yang and her name is Leena. She is called Director Leena in Heaven Hotel, isn't she? The other man replied in a familiar voice. He was the man who had called someone to inform Carlson in the car.

The man holding Leena's chin sneered, "Hum, I hope you don't make mistake. If she is really Leena, she is the daughter of Bowen. She is very helpful to us. "

Leena had been listening to them all the time and could tell that there were at least 6 people in the room. But when she recalled that there seemed to be only 4 people who came to catch her, then two people were waiting here?

Leena asked coldly again, "Who are you? Are you Carlson's friends? "

But she was not sure whether these people were from Carlson or not, because they didn't seem to be polite to him. If they weren't his friends, which gangs would they belong to

n her tape and took off her blindfold. He whispered to her, "It's me. Don't panic! "

Leena looked at him and found it was Carlson. He looked at her with a serious face and a horrible look in his eyes.

"What do you want? What do you want! "

She was not sure whether these gangsters had anything to do with Carlson and whether his appearance was good for her, because he had threatened her before and would take her to the next dilemma. Therefore, she doubted and panicked about his appearance.

"I'll take you out. You've already been targeted by the Empire Group. Don't act alone in the future. I've already told you to be with me! "

Leena noticed that there was another dead person beside her. When she died, her eyes were still open, which was very ferocious and terrible. His blood stained the clothes on her chest, which was too disgusting. She couldn't help closing her eyes and said, "Will I be safe with you? Carlson, you're just using me! "

Tears streamed down her cheeks. She didn't know if it was panic or fear. She just wanted to cry.

"Don't cry! "Carlson cursed. Leena was still crying. Carlson scolded, "Why are you crying! "

Leena didn't know, but she was really disappointed, sad and wanted to cry.

All of a sudden, Carlson kissed her. Regardless of her panic and struggle, he pressed her head and kissed her hard on the lips. "What should I do to make you believe me? At least I won't hurt you, stupid girl! "

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