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   Chapter 37 Be With Me

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Carlson smiled and said, "I'm here to wait for you! Shouldn't you give me an explanation? "

Leena pulled her bag on her shoulder to hide her nervousness and answered coldly, "There's nothing to explain. I didn't agree to any of your requirements, Mr. Carlson. "

With a meaningful smile, Carlson said, "Don't you want to know the news about your brother? I've got it for you. "

Hearing that, Leena was silent all of a sudden. She was not as confident as before. Did Carlson always know that she wanted to know about her brother and had been acting with her for such a long time?

At this time, Miguel followed her downstairs. When he saw her talking with Carlson, he walked over and said, "Leena. "

Leena turned around and frowned, "Why did you come down? Miguel "

"Why are you with him again? Miguel asked in a very dissatisfied tone.

Carlson nodded as if he knew something. He asked Miguel, "How can Alina go back? It turns out that Mr. Miguel turned around and went to find Leena again. I wonder if Miss Leena will still wait for you. "

Miguel smiled and said, "You must be kidding, Mr. Carlson. You don't have to be so clear about our affairs, do you? "

"Yes, I don't care about your business. I only want to know how does Miss Leena fell!" Carlson looked at Leena with a smile and decided to leave this problem to her.

After struggling for a while, she said to Miguel coldly, "You can go back now. It's none of your business. "

Miguel held her hand and asked, "Are you going with him? "

Looking at him, Leena replied firmly, "Yes, I think you don't have to care about it! "

"Leena, give me a chance. You know what kind of person Carlson is. You can't go with him! "

Leena shook off his hand again and said, "Miguel, you don't have to worry about me." then she walked towards the car of Carlson.

"Leena! "Miguel called her.

After thinking for a while, Leena turned around and said, "I don't know what you mean, but please take a firm stand in the future. You should show your sincerity to any girl. Let's temporarily put an end to our relationship. If you still

own up and often followed my father. One night, he came back in a hurry and said to my father, "Something happened." But He didn't say anything. My father's expression was heavy. Before long, the "37" tragedy mentioned by Miguel happened. Later, my father also had an accident, and the reason was said to be related to the "37" tragedy.

At that time, Leena had a vague feeling that her father had a connection with the imperial group, and then she learned that her brother owed the money of the Empire Group, which made her more certain. But she didn't know the inside story, nor did she know how serious it was, and how far it would affect her family in the future.

"The Yang Family can't be proved innocent, even if your father is dead, even if many years have passed." said Carlson.

Leena's hands trembled. She couldn't restrain her fear. She even said nervously, "What do you want? "

Carlson walked over, put his arm around her shoulder, and pinched her chin with one hand. "Be my girl. Otherwise, not only your brother, but also the Yang Family will fall into a difficult situation. "

Leena was still trembling, but she sneered, "Mr. Carlson, are you so interested in me? "

Carlson shook his head and told the truth, "No, I'm interested in you not only because you're a woman who attracts me, but also because... I want to deal with Dylan Chen! You must be with me. You can't escape! "

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