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   Chapter 29 Shopaholic Leena

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The cunning eyes of the man gazing at her intently made Leena feel like she was indeed playing with a snake. She knew this was a game she couldn't win.

"Mr. Carlson, if I do accept these gifts but still deny our relationship, what are you gonna do?" Leena wanted to show him that he wasn't the only cunning one here.

Gently cupping her chin, Carlson smirked at her. "It's no simple task to ask a tiger for its skin. I'm a businessman. I refuse to be used by others if I have nothing to gain from it." Just then, the elevator dinged, signaling they'd reached their floor. "Oh, we're here." Placing his hand firmly on the small of Leena's back, he guided her out of the elevator and into a luxury store.

Leena gulped nervously. Maybe this was a bad idea after all. Eyes darting about restlessly, she felt like some sort of caged animal looking to escape. Was there any way she could turn the tables? She pulled away from his touch stiffly, trying to put some distance between them. She wanted desperately to leave, but she knew it was too late for that. One minute she was asking Carlson for Alina's phone number, and the next, well, here they were.

The first store they entered was a luxury bag store. Handbags worth hundreds of thousands of dollars were on display, in every color and style imaginable. "Which one do you want?" Carlson smirked at her. It seemed he didn't give a damn about the price tags.

Seeing how condescending he looked made Leena's blood boil. 'Why not get a few?' she thought, trying to convince her own self. 'I'm not paying, anyway. Besides, it's too late to back out now!' After perusing the store for a bit, she smiled at Carlson sweetly. "Well, since you offered, don't blame me if I max out your card!" She smirked, which Carlson seemed to enjoy.

Carlson spread out his hands, as if to say, "Be my guest." This man was just so full of schemes, every move, calculated.

Leena began to inspect some bags. Then, one bag in particular caught her attention. It was worth more than a hundred thousand dollars! Truth be told, she was still stressed about money. For her, the bag wasn't worth it at all. It was such a nouveau riche move to buy an Hermes bag. These thoughts ran through her mind, even though it was not her money that was being used. Still, maybe it wasn't appropriate for her to look rich all of a sudden. However, just as she was placing the bag down, she saw Carlson's smug face. Gritting her teeth, she determinedly took the bag from its place and ordered the saleslady, "Pack this up!" Leena didn't stop there. She picked out a few more bags nearby, especially the more expensive ones. When she was done, she realized she'd bought five bags, meaning Carlson paid around a million dollars at the very first store. When she turned to look at him triumphantly, she was surprised to find him smiling at her.

'Damn it!' Leena pouted. 'It's going to take more than five bags to get under his skin.' However, this meant she would be indebted to him, big time. He must've been smiling because she wouldn't be able to drive him away so easily after this. 'This guy must be a masochist,' Leena thought disdainfully. 'Well, if spending all his money is what he wants to do, then I'm more than happy to oblige!'

After leaving the Hermes store, she immediately strutted to the Gucci shop that was just across it. Although she found it hard to choose, Leena was determined to keep on shopping. Her usual style leaned a bit more on the casual side. She only bought clothes from ordinary stores, and she'd never been interested in luxury brands. Sometimes, she found it difficult to appreciate their unconventional designs. Even so, she had set her mind on draining Carlson's card. Leena figured she would just give everything to Rena, since Rena always had her nose stuck in magazines and was always fawning over the latest trends.

After buying piles of clothes, Leena found that she was having difficulty carrying all her shopping bags. They'd only been to two stores, yet she already accumulated so much stuff! The saleslady was stunned. She'd never seen a

woman buy so much stuff, and the guy didn't even bat an eyelash!

Seeing Leena struggle with the bags, Carlson walked over and asked, "Do you need help?" To Leena's surprise, he actually sounded sincere.

"No, thanks. I know you're not used to carrying stuff for others," Leena tittered, attempting to tease him.

Carlson just raised his eyebrows and studied her for a moment. He had a strange gleam in his eyes. "You seem very happy today."

"Well, you're not wrong," she replied, batting her eyelashes at him. "After all, it's not everyday someone willingly lets me spend his money." Although Leena was smiling, her eyes had a murderous gleam to them.

Carlson shrugged it off. "Just remember: the happier you are now, the greater the cost will be."

"Really? Try me." As Leena spoke, she turned to a nearby cosmetic shop and went on another shopping spree. After that, she went to the shoe store just beside it. By the time she walked out of it, her hands were completely full. The straps of her shopping bags lined her arms till her elbows, yet she had no plans of stopping any time soon. Finally, they arrived at a Chanel store. Here, she did things a little differently. Instead of picking out her favorites, she pointed at a few items and said, "These are the ones I'm not buying. Please pack up all the rest for me!"

This was it. Surely, this last shopping spree would drain Carlson's card! 'I mean, I practically bought the entire store,' Leena assured herself.

The saleslady didn't budge, she was stunned stiff. 'What a legendary woman!' Even other people around glanced at Carlson, wondering how he would react. His woman was absolutely insane!

At this time, Carlson was lounging on the sofa. He touched his chin with one hand and said in a relaxed tone, "Listen to what she says." He acted like this wasn't a big deal to him, as though this was something he did on a normal day.

The staff of the store hesitated at first, thinking this man was insane. But she quickly gathered her senses. Grabbing the nearest item, she began to pack. "Do you want this too? Or what about that one?" the saleslady asked Leena.

"She said she wanted everything," Carlson said, with gravity in his tone.

The saleslady smiled widely. "Sir, you really love your wife! She's so lucky!"

Carlson raised his eyebrows at Leena. "It's just some money. If I can satisfy a woman's materialism, then I'd do it gladly." His arrogance was poisonous.

Leena felt like vomiting. Oh, how she despised this man! As the staff continued to pack up the items, Leena surveyed her surroundings. She couldn't help but feel disgusted with herself, seeing the piles of luxurious stuff on the ground. 'I'd need a whole truck to deliver these,' she muttered to herself. Other people indulged in luxury brands for their collections. Today, she felt as though she'd gotten them on wholesale. It must have looked like she had no interest in appreciating luxury brands at all. This thought made her sigh. 'It's too late to back out now.'

When Leena's things were completely packed up, Carlson came to her side. "Do you want to buy anything else?" he smiled deviously.

Leena cringed. 'What in God's name is wrong with this guy?' Before she could reply, Carlson took her hand and inspected it. "I think you're lacking something."

"What?" she responded sourly.

Carlson gently smoothed her hair. Leaning forward, he whispered into her ear, "You have to pay the price for spending my money. I won't let you go so easily." Then, he pulled her out of the store, saying to the saleslady, "Please take care of these for us. My secretary will call a truck to pick up the goods." Leena was taken aback.

'Truck?' she thought. Was he doing this on purpose, to show off?

Carlson then led her to a jewelry store.

Leena followed reluctantly. "What are you doing?" she asked, a tinge of annoyance in her tone.

Carlson smiled calmly. "Pick one. You lack a ring."

Before Leena could react, two figures caught her eye. It was Miguel and Alina. They were choosing their wedding rings in the very same shop.

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