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   Chapter 8 The Confession

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After hesitating for a while, Miguel suddenly answered, "What do you think of me? "

Hearing that, Leena was choked for a while. She really did not expect that he would say such words. She looked up to see if he was joking, but she found that he was very serious. His eyes revealed a warm light. All of a sudden, Leena thought that he was very ridiculous. Wasn't he kidding? Why did she feel that he was even more ridiculous than the joke?

She said, "Miguel, you only said so to make me happy, did you? If so, I don't think it's funny at all. "

"You don't believe me? Miguel still held her hand tightly.

Lowering her head, Leena stared at his hand and found that he held it so tight that she couldn't say anything to refute him.

With a serious look on his face, Miguel continued, "We grew up together and we knew each other better. You have seen the men who went on the blind date today. They must have a lot of problems. Otherwise, considering their family background, they wouldn't have gone to the blind dates. "

"I have many problems too, so I have no choice but to go on blind dates. "Leena answered.

"Are you so worried that no man will marry you? You don't have to belittle yourself. You are better than many people outside. "

Leena looked up at him intently, "I am not belittling myself. Considering my poor family background and my job in the hotel, no man will like me! "

"I am available and I'm OK with it! "Miguel pointed at himself.

Leena stared at him. She felt that he was different now. He was very calm and gentle, neither very frigid nor very emotional. He would always give her a gentle smile when she looked at him blankly, making her unable to guess what he was thinking. Why did he suddenly become so impatient to tell her his heart? What happened after all these years?

Although he was very sincere, Leena felt that something was amiss. It was probably because she had seen many two-faced men after staying in the hotel for a long time, so she would not easily believe the words of a man.

"Miguel, to be honest, I don't understand why you fall in love with me? Do you like me? Is that the reason why you want to date me? "

"Isn't the kiss that day enough for expressing my heart? Miguel looked at her seriously, with a hurting expression on his face.

Leena looked into his eyes, trying to find out his true feelings. "But I don't know when did you fall in love with me? "She wasn't sure whether he loved her or not for so many years, but how did he became so straightforward after nine years? And if he really liked her, why did he disappear for a few days after kissing her, making her so uneasy?

Miguel loosed his grip on her arm. Instead, he held her hands and said, "It was not until you left that I started to understand my own feelings. I have been with you for so long a time that I thought I didn't care about you. It was not until you left and I found I couldn't see you anymore that I got nervous and began to look for you. "

Leena questioned. She lived in the same city with him. She simply moved into the alleyway. Was it that hard to find her?

Miguel asked, "You don't believe me? "

Leena still didn't answer him. Miguel was frustrated and asked, "Why is it so hard to trust people? You don't even believe me? I may lie to anyone in the world, but I won't lie to you! When did I ever lie to you? "

Lowering her head, she said, "Miguel, I just feel that love comes so suddenly that I dare not accept it. Do you know that I've liked you for many years...... Leena tried to say something, only to find that she was sputtering. She was at a loss wi

th the sudden confession.

"Then let's try dating! Miguel held her shoulder and asked cautiously.

After hesitating for a while, Leena asked tentatively, "Miguel, haven't you loved anyone else in the past nine years? Before she finished her words, Miguel took out a yellowed note. Leena asked, "What's this? "

"Open it! "Miguel gave the note to her. She accepted and opened it. It was a colorful letter which was very popular many years ago. In the letter there was a love poem with her name in the middle of it. It was a confession style letter that was fashionable many years ago and it was signed by Miguel on the Valentine's Day nine years ago.

Leena raised her head in shock. Miguel said with a smile, "That day when I took you to HD Hot Pot, I really wanted to hold your hand, but I didn't dare. So I gave you a box of chocolate. I was hoping to put this piece of paper in the box, but seeing you being such a lovely and obedient student, I didn't want to influence your study. So I wanted to tell you after you take the senior high school entrance examination. I didn't expect that The note has been late for nine years. Are you still willing to take it? "

Leena was completely shocked. On the Valentine's Day 9 years ago, when she went home, she looked crazily for the chocolate box, but she did not find any note. She thought that he was not interested in her, but she didn't expect that he wanted to wait for her to pass the test. They had never thought that they wouldn't have a chance when she took the test. She cried suddenly for all these years' fantasies and waiting, and for her grudges over the years as well. She has always wanted to know if he liked her. In that case, all these years' love was not for nothing. She thought she would never know the answer, but she didn't expect that she would know it so easily today, with a big surprise. She couldn't help crying.

"Why are you crying? "Asked Miguel.

"I didn't expect that You like me, too! "

"So are you willing to accept me? And do you still doubt my sincerity? "

Leena shook her head and hugged Miguel, crying bitterly in his arms.

Miguel also hugged her and sighed, "What a silly girl! As long as I'm with you, no one will make you sad! "

She was so happy and touched. Just now, she was really a mean person. She was suspicious of his sincerity to her. She thought that he didn't like her. She didn't expect that he had been waiting for her for so many years, too. So this was a happy ending. She finally fulfilled one of the big wishes of her life.

"Miguel, will you always be nice to me? "Asked Leena in a silly way.

"Yes! Miguel answered firmly.

On hearing that, Leena smiled. She released him and lowered her head, smiling sweetly.

Miguel gently pinched her chin and said, "Is that all you want? "

She suddenly acted like a spoiled child and hit him. "Why didn't you tell me earlier? Or I wouldn't be sad for so long a time. "

"You have been wondering whether I like you these years, haven't you? "

"Shut up! "Leena hit him again.

Miguel laughed loudly. Suddenly he took her to his arms and lowered his head and gave her a passionate kiss.

When they finished the kiss, Leena said shyly, "We've been progressing too fast, haven't we? "

"Don't we know each other enough? Miguel asked with a smile.

Leena laughed. Suddenly, she felt it was nice. She just skipped through the confused unrequited love to the passionate love period. As long as she was with him, nothing else matters. So she didn't care about the progress any more.

She liked Miguel so much that she would do anything for him!

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