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   Chapter 3 Two

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Hello guys

I welcome you all to the mermaidian tales


"You are a mistake" his mother yelled, throwing the empty bottle at him which he dodged.

"mom..." he said a low voice.

"Shut up, I'm not your mother. I hate seeing your face. You bring all the unwanted memories" she cried, stood wobbly while stumbling to take another bottle.

"It's okay for today" he stuttered.

"Who are you to tell me it is okay?" shouted his mother, running towards him before she slipped and fell.

"Mom" he screamed, went to help her but she pushed him away.

"Don't touch me with that your rotten hands".

"Why can't you love me, mom, " the boy asked crying silently.

"No one wants a mistake. You can never be loved because you are nothing but a mistake of an unfortunate night".

"Then why did you give birth to me when you knew I'm nobody" the boy cried out.

"I'd no choice because when I knew it was late" his mother slurred before she was knocked off.

The door was yanked opened abruptly and he entered, whistling as usual.

"Always drinking to stoop " he tsked while shaking his head.

The boy's breathing changed, his chest heaved. He could still deal with his mother taunting but he was another case entirely. The boy wished the wall could open its mouth and hid him from him. His body was trembling in fear of what to comes. No one to save him. He was alone with this him.

" How is my favourite boy" he turned his gaze to the scared boy who was trembling tremendously at the corner.

"Come here boy, " he said in his lowly dark voice which sent a bad shiver to the boy.

"Please" the boy begged with his croaked voice.

"What did I tell you about begging, " he asked before descending a hard slap on the boy's cheek which resonated around the darkroom.

"Someone helps me" the boy screamed when he knew there was no one to help him. He was kicked hard which made his rib bones to cracked.

"No one can help you, no one can save you from me. No one can protect you from me because you are always Mine and you will be always Mine even death cannot save you" he laughed maniacally.


Am I finally free?. I saw a beautiful angel earlier, she took me with him, he thought.

He couldn't feel his surroundings, everything was dark.

He had always been in the darkness.

All that he knew was darkness.

All that he was, was darkness.

"Ìwọ" he heard a soft melodic voice breathed ticking his ear.

"Sọ tí kú ní?" The voice could lure him into a dreamless sleep even though he didn't understand the language.

Have I died?

Am I in heaven?

Is that the angel of death I saw before I die?. Series of questions were going through his head.

Is that angel of death he saw before he dies? then the angel of death is the most beautiful creature he ever set his eyes on. He felt his mouth twitched and smiled happi


"Jí!, má sún" he heard the voice yelled at him but he didn't want to wake up from what he was feeling.

"Hallo" a soft hand, poked him on his chest while his eyes fluttered open and took in his surroundings.

His mouth was agape because of the death angel before him. He stared at her blue eyes which could drown him in it if not careful. She had a long blue curl hand which had fringes at the front. She had a long craft nose which compliments her pink luscious kissable lips that made him gulped.

He traced his gaze down to her chest and noticed her perky small perfect breasts were exposed closer to his mouth, his eyes widened before he screamed out.

As he screamed, he heard the death angel's screaming louder than his before he shut his mouth awkwardly.

When the angel noticed he stopped screaming, she stopped also. They stared at each other before releasing a loud shrill sound again.

The guy stood up abruptly and ran toward the left side while the girl ran after him wobbly with her shaky human's legs. When the guy noticed the girl was trailing after him he stopped and turned to her, calming his breath before he narrowed his eyes at her sceptically.

"Why are you following me, " asked the boy, studying her. She furrowed her brows in confusion as if she didn't understand the damn thing he was saying.

"Why are you making? he blushing, not looking at her but everywhere. He removed his torn shirt and gave it to her nervously. The girl studied him before yanking it from him and put it on wrongly but he didn't correct or help her. The girl stared at him salivating as if he was a candy. She moved forward and touched his chest down to his belly button in surprised. He held a moan that wanted to be released.

This was the first time he was closer to a female especially a naked beautiful female. His body was reacting unknown to him.

"Where are you from?" he was flustered, she didn't reply but traced her hand to his nipples and twirled it in between his hand, he groaned before swatting her hand away and sat abruptly on the sand while the girl copied his posture and sat beside him. He took some little pebbles on the sand, throwing it in the water.

"What's your name?" he couldn't look at her because all her gaze was on him. Her looking at him was making him uncomfortable.

"I'm Ronan" he brought his shaky hand out to introduce but the girl just stared at his hand before looking at hers and giggled melodiously.

She must be crazy, he thought.

He shifted away from a little from her so that she would not notice but she noticed it and narrowed her eyes before shifting more closer to him.

He touched his chest softly and said, "Ronan" while she nodded her head.

She looked in deep thought before she whispered out with her serenely voice, showing her prominent dimples.


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