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   Chapter 2 One

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Hello guys!

I welcome you all to the mermaidian tales

Aerwyna POV

I hated when my parents made decisions for me. It had been since I'd been given birth to.

I just hated.

I just wanted to free.

My parents were a control freak, they didn't want anything to tarnish their image while the would not let me free.

I just wished I should be a bird to spread my wings and flew away without looking back.

If I dressed, they would talk about it.

If I slept late or woke late, they would talk about.

I thought they could never be satisfied.

At the age of seventeen, my parents still chose the cloth for me and who and who I should interact with.

They only care about the image as the Royal.

I wished I was a commoner I would be free. I needed to get away before I suffocated here.

"Aerwyna Wanwisa Zulu" I heard my mom calling me.

"Yeah, mom" I responded tiredly.

"Don't hunch your back. Your back must be straight like a lady" she scolded while I groaned.

"A lady doesn't make like that sound" she bellowed while I rolled my eyes.

I could never do anything perfectly in their eyes, always correcting.

"A lady doesn't..." She was interrupted by my elder brother who was laughing.

"Ezra" I jumped on him while he twirled me around and I squealed.

I'd missed him, he was the only one who understood me the most. No one understood me. He was my best friend.

"Welcome back son" mum smiled softly at him and hugged him before she scowled at me while muttering, "a lady must.." I and my brother erupted in a fit of laughter.

He put me on the stone, ruffled my hair while I huffed annoying, "where is the father?" he asked, looking around.

"When are you going to know it is not father, it his highness" mother glared at him while he raised his hands dramatically.

"So where is his highness" he bowed his head dramatically.

"He has gone for meeting with the dolphin's alpha" she responded, furrowed her brows in confusion, "I heard the dolphins want to extend their territory to us" she spoke.

"OK, I hope they settled it" Ezra replied.

"The King is coming in" Eliot announced.

I tried to tame my dishevelled hair but papa saw it and shook his head disappointed.

Father's face had always void of emotions. I didn't think, I'd ever see him smile. He always had the stoic face every time. Father was intimidating and dominating in his tall giant figure. Only God knew how he behaved with her mother on the bed. I was brought out of my thoughts by my brother's nudge.

"What?" I whispered yelled at him while he directed his gaze to father.

"Wanwisa" father called my middle name, father never called my middle without saying something that would make me fuming but wouldn't be able to say it out.

"The meeting with the dolphin was successful but you've had to marry the prince so that the deal would be a seal. " I felt my heart breaking into pieces as he was talking.

"No" I heard everyone gasped even though I too was scared because no one never says nay to father.

"Papa, I can't marry that pompous man, he's arrogant" I cried.

"You'll marry him and that's final" his voice boomed out, the others whimpered bowing their head but the anger that was brewing in me, made me stood still.

"I'm not marrying him" father slapped me hard across my face.

Tears were brimming out of my face.

"You dare defy my order?" he yelled, fuming.

"Yes, I'm tired of listening anymore. I'm tired of being dictated to. I'm tired of being oppressed..." I felt another slap again on my other cheeks.

"Why are you forsaking my happiness, I would never be happy with him." I sobbed, "father, please change your mind" I begged and father turned his back at m


"I've already accepted the crystal".

I stood up abruptly, he had accepted the crystal without my permission, without my consent, "I'll rather die than marrying that arrogant ugly manwhore" I screamed. I felt confident for fighting for myself since baby.

"You'll rather die than accepting my order?" he was shocked. The first time I saw an expression on Father's face apart from his emotionless face.

"Seize her up, throw her in the cold room. Don't give her water or food till I say so" he was angry. I made him angry.

"Am I even your daughter?"

"What are you waiting for?" he shouted, I looked at mother, she was just staring at the ground.

I walked to her, "are you even my mother?, you can't even defend me" I accused her.

"I hate you all, " I said and removed the ruby necklace on my neck which showed the symbol of the royals.

I was dragged to the cold room, I didn't even thrash around. I was weak, I didn't have any once energy with me anymore.

The place was freezing, my teeth were clattering and tears never ceased to stop.

I cry for my loss.

I cry till my body gave out.

When I woke up later, I found that I was being dressed, the ruby was returned back to my neck. My tail looked longer and bluer than before. My hair was curled and tamed.

"What is happening?" I asked fearfully, I was tied on the chair.

"I'm sorry princess, your father said we should dress you that your betrothal is on his way, " the maid said.

"No way, I'm marrying that pig" I screamed, thrashing on the chair. The mercury chain was cutting through my skin.

Mother came in and looked disappointed while father smiled as if he had won, when I knew what I would do then I smirked at him.

"Your betrothal is coming today and I want you to be in your best behaviour. Don't disappoint me" he warned.

"Then do what?, starve me" I replied sarcastically.

"Release her" he commanded.

The chain was unlocked and I felt relieved. "You must obey and accept it a proposal or else you will be banished" I was scared.

He would banish me?

His only daughter?

Power destroyed everything.

"Lock her in her room till the prince arrives, " the mother said, twirling her hair around.

"Where is brother, " I asked.

"I've kept him so that he wouldn't help you" he grinned triumph as me.

I was pushed in my room, and I heard the door clicked.

Good, I'd been locked against my will. I rolled my eyes.

I sat on my bed, contemplating what to do, I called one of my friend Narissa who was a seahorse to help me.

"Narissa, help me. Bring a sledgehammer along" I threw the shell-phone away.

I sent a quick prayer to God for them not thinking of disconnecting my phone.

I saw her body before I saw her, she grinned at me before waving the hammer. She broke the window and I jumped out.

"Thank you, " I said breathlessly.

"It's a pleasure, where are you going?" she asked.

"I don't know but I'll go to the north side. I'll send you a signal when I get there" I replied, hugged her the last time before swimming away.

I swam faster, I was one of the fastest and best trackers. As I turned to find the north through the wave before I lose power. I saw a man from far putting his head under the water trying to kill himself.

I must help him.

I swam quickly to him, dragged him to the shore to continue my journey but the high wave washed me to the land.

I used my power to evaporate the water he had to drown. His eyes fluttered opened, revealing his chocolate eyes. He was in dazed, "angel" and he blacked out.

I'd broken the rules.

First, by going to the ocean shore.

Second, by helping a human being

Third, by using my power on earth.


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