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   Chapter 396 Is My Mommy Beautiful

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Greyson touched Amy's head and said, "If I know Amy is here, I'll buy some snacks."

Molly pointed at the fridge and said, "No, No. There are many fruits and juice in the fridge. It's enough for her."

Seeing that Molly had been lying on the bed, Greyson guessed that Molly hadn't gone out for the whole day.

These days, Gerry had gone to another city to attend an academic seminar, and Rena was busier than usual to take care of so many patients, she had no time to care about Molly.

In order not to make trouble for others, Molly usually lay quietly on the bed, watching TV or thinking about how to deal with her unreasonable mother-in-law.

Noticing that it was still early, Greyson asked Amy in a low voice, "Amy, is it boring to stay in the ward?"

"Yes, I feel a little bored. Mommy will be more bored lying on the bed all day long."

"How about we take your mommy out for a walk?"

As soon as Amy heard that she was going out to have fun, she immediately became interested. "Okay, okay."

Greyson handed the coat on the sofa to Amy and asked her to put it on herself. Then he found a heavy overcoat in the wardrobe and put it on Molly.

"I'm fine here. Besides, it's late now and you've worked hard all day. I can't go downstairs."

Molly felt too embarrassed to continue to bother Greyson. Since she was hospitalized, he came to accompany her every night, and every night he carried her to the back garden of the hospital for relaxation and chatting.

Although Molly said it was troublesome, she admitted that the most enjoyable moment every day was the time she went out with him for relaxation.

Sitting on the bench and chatting with the wind, she felt relaxed.

But how could Greyson bear it if she asked him to carry him around every day?

And now there was Amy. It was too hard for him to hold Amy on his back.

"Forget it. Amy is here today. It's too hard for you to take care of me and her."

But Lily insisted on taking Molly out for a walk. "It's too boring for you to stay in the hospital alone.

ever, Amy shook her head and refused to let go. "No, I want to go with Uncle Greyson."

Greyson felt a little embarrassed, but Molly helped him out. "Then you take Amy with you. Are you going to the supermarket to buy snacks for her? It doesn't matter, I can wait here. The supermarket was not far from here anyway. I can call you if there is anything. But Amy, you can only choose two or three kinds of snacks. Don't ask too much. "

Amy nodded. Greyson had to pick Amy up from the bench.

Amy said, "Uncle Greyson, I can walk by myself. Please put me down."

She was worried that Greyson would be too tired, so he put down Amy, Amy held his big hand. The two slowly walked towards the supermarket.

Sitting in a wheelchair, Molly watched this scene. For some reason, she was suddenly moved when she saw Greyson holding her daughter's little hands and walking forward step by step.

If Walter could be half as good as Greyson, she would have nothing to complain about.

While walking, Amy looked back at her Mommy. After making sure that there was a distance between them, she asked in a low voice, "Uncle Greyson, what do you think of my mommy? Is she beautiful? "

Greyson didn't understand why Amy asked such a question. He just answered honestly, "Of course your mommy is beautiful. She is the most beautiful."

"Then, can you be my daddy?"

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