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   Chapter 395 I Will Be Good

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Molly patiently reasoned with Amy, "Good girl, that's your daddy. How can you leave daddy and hate him? No matter what will happen between Mommy and daddy, you will always be daddy's little princess's, his favorite daughter. "

Although Molly hated Walter and she hated him a little, she knew that this kind of hatred could never be transferred to her daughter.

Amy cried sadly. She didn't understand why the world of adults was so complicated, but she only believed that her father had done something wrong.

If the person who did something wrong was still impenitent, why should she forgive her father?

With an aggrieved look on her face, Amy hid her face into Molly's arms and retorted, "But Mommy, it's daddy's fault. He abandoned us first. I don't want Daddy, either. I don't want him. "

Molly still wanted to say something, but at this time, Alice's mother grabbed her arm and shook her head, indicating her not to go on.

A five year old child was sensible and strong, so what? After all, she was just a child. She would talk about it later.

Molly also felt that she was too anxious.

But even if she didn't mention it, she had to discuss something with her daughter.

Molly looked into her daughter's eyes, and then explained apologetically to her, "Amy, listen to me. You also know that there is something wrong between Mommy and daddy. I don't want you to have a stepmother or divorce your father. But Mommy had tried my best. After a few efforts, nothing could be changed. So even if you know it will hurt you, mommy still want to divorce. Can you forgive mommy's choice and support my decision? "

Molly's daughter was still the most important person in her heart, the person she cared most.

Amy kept crying. She was sad. She was sad that her parents, who used to be sweet and loving, were going to separate, and her father had become a bad person.

But Mommy had said that she had tried her best. Amy knew that mommy was sadder than

s tired body to the hospital.

He wanted to stay with Molly. Since he knew that Molly and Walter were going to divorce, he always wanted to stay with her.

He gently pushed the door open and came in. Seeing that Amy was lying beside Molly and watching TV, he asked in confusion, "Why is Amy here?"

Molly smiled helplessly, "She hasn't seen me and cried for several days, so Alice's mother had no choice but to bring her to see me. She'll sleep with me tonight, and Alice's mommy will pick her up tomorrow afternoon. "

It turned out that it was not easy for a woman to take care of a child, besides she was seriously ill.

When Amy saw Greyson, she chuckled at him. Then she greeted him in a sweet voice, "Hello, Uncle Greyson. Are you here to visit my mommy?"

Greyson pinched her cheeks and nodded, "Yes. I am your mommy's best friend. Your mommy is in hospital. As her best friend, should I come to take care of her?"

Amy thought carefully and thought what he said was right. "Yes, Mommy's feet are injured and she can't walk downstairs. Just now, she wanted to go downstairs, but she called the nurse to help. I can't carry my mommy. So Uncle Greyson, please take care of my mommy. Thank you. "

Greyson liked this little girl more and more. Amy was still young and knew to ask him for help.

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