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   Chapter 394 Don't Cry

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In the evening, only two bites of vegetables were eaten by Amy, and the full bowl of rice did not move at all.

Alice's mother was also worried. Molly couldn't take care of Amy at all, and she said that Molly's mother-in-law took care of the mistress at home.

In this case, she couldn't send Amy to her grandmother.

Even Fiona had been busy taking care of her daughter recently. Only Alice's mother could take care of Amy. Besides, the company of Anna and Alice could ease Amy's sadness.

But these days, Amy became very irritable. She couldn't lose her temper with Alice's mommy and others, because it was wrong.

But she was afraid and sad. She could only keep all the grievances in her heart alone.

Anna said in a low voice, "Mommy, Amy is so lonely these days. She doesn't talk much. Even if we want to play with her, she won't talk to us."

Alice's Mommy was very worried about Amy's reaction. If the baby couldn't be comforted in time and her heart knot couldn't be immediately opened, it would be harmful to the child's physical and mental health.

She had no choice but to put down the tableware and hold Amy in her arms. She asked softly, "Amy, tell me the truth. Are you so sad and sad because Mommy hasn't been with you these days?"

Amy nodded and sobbed, "I miss mommy so much. I know it's hard for you to take care of me. I'm sorry that I don't want to cause you any trouble, but I really miss my mommy. Did my mommy and Daddy have a fight? Can I see my mommy? Can you take me to see my mommy? "

The child looked pitiful with tears in her eyes. How could Alice's Mommy refuse her?

But there were some things that Alice's mommy thought Amy should know.

"Amy, listen to me. Your daddy and Mommy did have a fight. Because of your daddy's accidental injury, your mommy can't come to see you, she is in the hospital now, nor can she take you home."

When Amy heard that her mother was

ages on her feet, Amy shouted anxiously, "Mommy, Mommy."

Hearing her daughter's voice, Molly's heart trembled. She looked up, and when she saw Amy's chubby little face smaller, she was so sad that she choked with sobs.

"Mommy is here. Why is Amy here?"

Lying in Molly's arms, Amy put her hand behind Molly and gently patted her on the back, comforting her, "Mommy, don't worry. Mommy doesn't feel sad. I'm here with you. I'll always be with you. I won't leave you."

The earnest words of the child comforted Molly made her cry in an instant.

If Molly began to regret marrying the wrong person, the only thing she would not regret was that she had a child of love with Walter.

This child was the best gift in her life.

She had taught Amy well. Her daughter was so considerate that she felt warm in her heart.

"Mommy, I know Daddy did something wrong. I know Daddy is with that aunt and that aunt has a little baby, right? I should be happy to have a little brother, but But I know Daddy won't want us as long as he has a son. So does grandma. Otherwise, why didn't she ask me to live with her? But it doesn't matter. Daddy doesn't want us, and we don't want him either. "

Amy was full of hatred towards her father, which was not what Molly wanted to see.

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