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   Chapter 393 Different Treatment For Boys And Girls

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Shelly's mother pulled her daughter to sit down and asked her some questions patiently.

"Where is Mr. Walter? You live with his mother. Did he often come to see you? By the way, you just said that Mr. Walter was divorcing his wife. What's going on? "

Speaking of the divorce, Shelly was excited.

"Mom, let me tell you. I know my efforts will work in the end. There is no man in the world who can't be snatched away. There was no trust between them at all. They quarreled fiercely. It was more of a fight than a quarrel! Mr. Walter was slapped several times. Molly was also injured. I heard that her feet stepped on the glass fragments. "

Hearing what Sh

is born."

Shelly promised. She would get the money in four months.

Everyone enjoyed the meal, Lucy didn't care how was her daughter-in-law.

Unable to go out, Molly could only stay in the ward for a whole day. She missed her daughter so much.

Her daughter had been living in Alice's mother's house for several days. Knowing that Molly was hospitalized with injured feet, Alice's mother took the initiative to take care of Amy.

But how could the child behave well when she couldn't see her mother for such a long time?

Every night, Amy cried her heart out. No matter how hard Alice's Mommy tried to comfort her, she just cried out to see Molly.

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