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   Chapter 392 Elegance

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Lucy thought there was something wrong with her ears. She looked at the angry old man in disbelief and asked again, "What did you say just now? Say it again. "

He said without hesitation, "We can't live such a life. I think we'd better divorce."

This time, Lucy heard it clearly. Although she heard it clearly, she thought her husband was joking.

How could she take it seriously? The two had been married for more than thirty years. They had been married for a long time. What was so serious that they wanted to divorce?

Lucy glared at him and murmured to herself, "I've had enough headaches with the children, and you've joined in. Why are you so angry with me? "

"Do you think I'm joking with you?"

"All right, all right. Molly just complained to you. Why did you divorce me because of daughter-in-law? I know you just came back from the hospital and I know that Molly didn't say anything good about me in front of you. But you have to think it over. I'm your wife who has lived with you for more than thirty years. Why do you become more and more willful as time goes by? First solve the problem of Shelly, and then solve the problem of Molly, okay? "

Lucy looked at her watch. Shelly's parents would come in one or two hours.

'Does he want them to see us quarrel and divorce together?'

Then her family would make a big joke.

The old man was helpless. It didn't make sense that the old woman was stubborn.

Since Lucy didn't believe it, the old man could only give her the divorce application another day and let her sign it directly.

The old man ignored her and went upstairs directly. Seeing that he was not complaining about anything, Lucy was finally relieved.

She didn't expect that this old man loved his daughter-in-law so much. Was what his daughter-in-law said the imperial edict?

Lucy mistakenly thought that it was Molly who tried to sow dissension between the two of them. If not, why did her husband divorce her as soon as he came back from th

ard. "

The master bedroom on the second floor was for Walter and Molly. Her goal was to live there.

"By the way, why didn't my father come? It's rare that Walter's parents think so highly of our family. It's so embarrassing if my father doesn't come. "

Shelly's mother shook her head in embarrassment. "You don't know your father's stubborn temper? He also said that he wanted to cut off the father daughter relationship with you. But no matter how angry your father is, he won't really deny you. Forget it. Everything will be fine in the future. "

Would Shelly's father still be angry and refuse to see her after she gave birth to the baby?

He must want to see his grandson as soon as possible.

"Forget it. My father has a bad temper. If he doesn't want to move in, you can move in yourself. From now on, I'll leave everything to me. You can enjoy yourself from now on. "

Shelly was finally a little promising. Although this method was somewhat despicable, this child did not forget her origin and knew to respect the two of them.

In this case, there seemed to be nothing to blame for Shelly's mother.

She also wanted to live an elegant life like Walter's mother.

But she didn't see through what kind of person Walter's mother was.

The so-called elegance was just disguised with money and greed.

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