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   Chapter 391 I Can't Live On

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Although her sister and brother-in-law were about to divorce, the relationship between Lina and Jay was getting sweeter and sweeter without being disturbed.

Shelly lived directly in the villa of Walter's parents. In order to make her give birth to the baby happily, Lucy went to the shopping mall and bought more than 10 clothes.

"Come here and have a look at the new clothes I bought for you. By the way, call your parents to have dinner at home tonight. "

After all, her daughter was going to give birth to a baby for her family. Lucy thought it would be better to meet Shelly's parents and settle the price by the way.

Because it was her son, Walter's mother decided to give them more money.

Three million plus a luxury car should be enough, right?

Of course, during these days when she lived here, Lucy would buy some luxury goods, bags, clothes, and precious jewelry for Shelly on a regular basis.

If they were counted together, they would give them a lot.

Shelly came to the living room and looked through the bags. She found that every dress was of famous brands and secretly looked at the price tag on it.

'Oh my God! Each piece costs more than ten thousand dollars.'

Lucy was really willing to spend money for her.

In a good mood, Shelly went upstairs with the clothes and called her mother. "Mom, do you know what Walter's mother bought for me?"

"What did she buy for you? Abalone Porridge again? "

"Arnold congee is not a big deal. I have eaten all kinds of nutritious food every day. Ouch, I don't need to do anything to live here, and those servants are very polite and respectful to me. She loves me very much. She just went shopping and came back with more than 10 bags of clothes for me. By the way, mother, Walter's mother invited you and my father to have dinner at home. Six o'clock in the evening, but you'd better come earlier. "

Shelly's mother didn't expect her daughter to be so successful. Although she hadn't married into Walter's family, what's the difference between being treated as the hostess now?

As long as Lucy liked her, Shelly w

e old man's voice, Lucy immediately shouted, "Where on earth have you been? Come on in. "

After putting on his slippers, the old man entered the living room. He looked at Walter's mother and thought of the hardships he had gone through with this woman. The two had been together for more than thirty years, and today was the end of the road.

He didn't want to do that, but he really couldn't bear it anymore.

"Let's go back to our room. I have something to talk with you."

"Why do you want to go back to your room? It's same if you have something to say here. Anyway, Shelly is resting in her room upstairs. By the way, the dinner will be ready soon. Shelly's parents will come. And! You should treat her parents better! Don't say anything unpleasant. She is going to give birth to a son for our family. "

Hearing that Lucy invited all the family members of the mistress to their home, the old man's face turned pale in an instant. He reached out his hand to point Lucy and scolded angrily, "You invited Shelly's parents to have dinner at home? What do you think? How could you do such a thing? Don't say our son. This is my family, and I am a member of the Wu family. I'm not in a hurry to ask my grandson to inherit my family. Did I say that my daughter-in-law must have a son? I wanted to go upstairs and have a talk with you. Let's get to the point. I can't live on. Let's divorce. "

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