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   Chapter 390 It's Too Late To Go Pull Back

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Walter cheated on her sister and made that woman pregnant? Lina was about to explode with anger.

She immediately supported her sister's decision. "Divorce him. I support you. You must divorce him. What's wrong with our family? How could he do whatever he wanted? Kick him and let him live with his mistress. "

Lina waved her fists angrily. Seeing that she was so excited again, Jay guessed that something might have happened to her sister-in-law.

"Yes, I have made up my mind not to hurt myself this time. Fortunately, you still support me. But you must keep your mouth shut from dad. You know, Dad can't bear these stimulation."

The whole family had to hide the news from their father, but if their father recovered and would return home in the future, would they be able to hide it?

"But it's not a good way to hide it from dad all the time. Every time there is any negative news about you, I will ask the nurse to find a way to hide it from him. I'm sure dad will feel strange after a long time. "

Lina was right. Her father would definitely feel something wrong after a long time.

But now she had no choice. "Forget it. Let's do it step by step. Just let nature take its course."

After comforting her sister for a while, Lina hung up the phone. Compared with her sister's divorce, her graduation ceremony was not that important.

After hanging up the phone, Jay hugged Lina from behind and asked carefully, "Why are you so angry? Who offended our little princess? "

Lina turned around and glared at him. Then she asked angrily, "Will you vent my anger if I tell you who pissed me off?"

"Of course, I love you the most. If you are wronged, I will surely avenge you."

Lina nodded and said, "That's good. Don't you want to know who provoked me? It's your brother. Your brother is not with me now. If he appears in front of me, I will punch him directly without hesitation. "

Seeing that Lina was really angry, Jay was confused. His brother had risked his life to save Molly. At that time, Lina was v

ther should be fine. As for Molly, I don't know if I can persuade her. But in the end, if we really have to hold a wedding without the parents of both sides, will you still agree to marry me? "

If the parents of both sides were not here, they would feel sad and regret.

But Lina had made up her mind that she would live with Jay from now on, and she didn't like Jay's mother either.

She was different from her sister. She wouldn't be as good as her sister and had to live according to his mother.

The couple seemed to have a good time alone.

"Don't be silly? What do you mean by saying that I still agree to marry you? Haven't I married you? We went to Las Vegas to get the marriage license and did everything we should do. Do you want to deny it now? "

Jay lowered his head and smiled gently. He knew that Lina was a considerate woman.

Even if he was not born in a rich family, Lina would not dislike him.

The reason why the two of them had come to this point was because of love, not money.

Jay lowered his head and kissed Lina's forehead gently. Then he asked her with a smile, "I don't want to admit it? Have you done what you should do? What did we do? "

Lina rolled her eyes at him and pointed at her belly. "Don't you know what you have done? It's too late to regret now. I don't know if my belly will swell one day. "

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