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   Chapter 389 Disagreement

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The father-in-law teased her with a smile, "Your mother should be given a lesson so that she can understand your feelings. Only by feeling with you can she know how desperate and sad you are now. "

What her father-in-law said was right, but Molly always felt uneasy.

If her mother-in-law knew that her father-in-law was going to divorce, she would probably blame all the responsibilities on Molly again.

Molly tried to persuade him, "The reason why I and Walter have come to this stage is because of the mistress. But you and my mother-in-law have been married for more than thirty years, right? Can you divorce at will after thirty years? Just think about it. Don't be impulsive. "

The old man sighed helplessly. "It's not that I'm impulsive. I've long wanted to do that. But don't think too much. It's not that I want to divorce her because I fall in love with another woman. It's just that we have different values and personalities. Do you know how hard it is for us to live together? Just like you and Walter, do you think you can still be like before? People will change, but I don't want to make do with too many changes. It's good that you know it. I'll talk to your mother when I go back. "

Molly nodded. Since her father-in-law insisted, she really had no right to interfere.

That was the choice of her father-in-law. It was his marriage. Just like her own marriage, she had to make her own decision. Even if everyone persuaded her to make up with Walter, she would definitely insist on her choice to divorce him.

So she knew that her father-in-law must insist.

Molly could only support him mentally, "Okay, I hope you can have a good talk with your mother-in-law. Don't make too much trouble."

Jay would come back in a few days. If his brother and sister-in-law divorced and his parents divorced as soon as he and Lina came back, he would definitely feel very uncomfortable.

But now Molly had no time to care about anyone else except herself.

What made her feel most sorry was Lina's graduation ceremony. She had planned to fly to Los Angeles to atten

ormal for Lina to be unhappy. Molly could fully understand her sister's mood, so she had to tell the truth, "I'm in the hospital."

These words made Lina's heart rise to her throat again. "Sister, what's wrong with you? What happened this time? "

Molly sighed and said, "When I quarreled with your brother-in-law, he pushed me and I accidentally stepped on the broken glass pieces on the ground. I don't know how many pieces have been broken into the soles of my feet. But fortunately, I am fine now. I'll be discharged in a few days. "

Lina felt so painful when she heard that. It hurt so much.

But what confused her more was why her sister and brother-in-law had a quarrel again.

After a short moment of confusion, Lina came to her senses. "Brother in law cheated on you again? The previous woman? "

Molly replied softly, "Yes, that woman is pregnant with your brother-in-law's child. It's a boy. My mother-in-law wanted a boy so much that she took the mistress home to raise her. She came to the hospital early this morning to persuade me to raise the child of a mistress. Well, I've decided to divorce your brother-in-law. "

Molly didn't intend to hide anything from her sister this time. She had told her sister everything that should be told to her.

Although her sister said it lightly as if it was not a big deal, Lina felt very angry and sad when Molly heard it.

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