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   Chapter 388 The Best

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Molly expressed her thought first, "The child is yours. What you want has nothing to do with me."

Lucy shook her head and corrected her, "No, Molly. It has something to do with you. Now, Shelly lives in our house to nourish the fetus. After she gives birth to the baby, we will send her away and give the baby to you. "

Molly was completely shocked by her mother-in-law's words. What did she say?

Let her support him? 'Let me raise her son?


Why did she have to raise her husband's mistress's child?

Molly thought it was so ridiculous that she kept laughing wildly.

Lucy was confused. "I just want you to raise a child. Our family can afford it. Walter will definitely break up with Shelly. But the condition is that you raise the child and give him an identity to grow up in a normal family. He is the biological child of our family, brother of Amy. Isn't it good for the family to live together in love? "

Perhaps in the eyes of Lucy, it was a simple and easy thing. They were still a loving couple, but they had a child in the middle.

In the end, she still wanted Molly to compromise and let her fulfill everyone's wish?

Why did Molly accept the punishment for the mistake Walter made?

Molly immediately refused Lucy's request, "If it's not my child, why should I raise it? Now that Walter can have sex with Shelly and even have a child, it means that they are very close. I want to separate the two of them, but no matter how hard I try, they two can't be separated. Since they love each other so much, why don't we get married and live together? I will quit automatically. You have a grandson and a new daughter-in-law. Congratulations! "

Molly had expressed more than once that she would not continue to struggle in this relationship.

But Lucy was so proud. How could she bear that her son and daughter-in-law really divorced?

If the news got out, she would be humiliated.

"Don't make the decision so soon. Think it over before you reply to me. I just want you to raise t

. Your mother-in-law was not like this at the beginning. When we met in the factory, she was kind and generous. She was sensible and cute. But when she is old, she only recognizes money. I thought she wanted to live a rich life, but now she has a luxury car in the villa. Isn't she satisfied? "

People should learn to be content, at least the old man was very satisfied now.

"I don't agree with your mother. She pursued fame and fortune. I just want to live a safe and comfortable life. So I'm going to divorce your mother. "

Hearing her father-in-law's words of divorce, Molly, who was eating oranges, almost choked to death.

"Ahem Molly kept coughing. Her father-in-law helped her beat her back with a smile, "I knew you would react like this when you heard the news. Don't blame yourself too much. It has nothing to do with you. I've endured it for too long. What she has done to you is too much. She has spoiled Walter all the time. What has Walter become now. I don't want to live with her any longer. I made a choice after careful consideration. But before that, I will support you to divorce first. "

Molly looked up at her father-in-law with red eyes.

In fact, the one who knew her best was her father-in-law, her another father.

In the eyes of her father-in-law, she was not her daughter-in-law, but her own daughter.

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