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   Chapter 387 You Raise The Child Of A Mistress

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Walter received a phone call from his mother. Knowing that his mother wanted to help him reconcile with Molly, he immediately drove to his mother's home.

Before this, Walter had no idea that his mother would pick up Shelly.

When he entered the living room and saw that Shelly was lying on the sofa watching TV leisurely, his anger erupted in an instant.

"Why are you here? Who allowed you to be here? You came to see my mother without my permission and didn't even discuss with me? "

Walter knew that Shelly was up to something, but he didn't expect her to come to his mother directly.

What made him more confused was that his mother really accepted her!

Hearing the quarrel in the living room, Lucy went downstairs. Seeing her son's attitude towards Shelly, she blamed her son angrily, "Who do you think you are to shout at Shelly? She is pregnant with our family's child, but you hide the news from us? Do you know how happy I am? Our family finally has a successor. You should thank Shelly. "

Walter sat on the sofa with a headache and said helplessly, "Mom, you can't let her stay here. What do you want Molly to think? I can't divorce Molly. I will never divorce her. "

Lucy comforted her son and patted him on the shoulder, "Who let you divorce Molly? I didn't ask you two to divorce, but you don't want your own son? Can you do it? "

Walter kept silent again. Neither of the two was a good choice, but he had no choice but to abandon his son.

Lucy checked the time and asked the servant to take good care of Shelly. Then she took her son's hand and left the villa.

After getting in the car, Lucy said truthfully, "Molly won't really divorce. Is she willing to give up Amy? Besides, she can't divorce even if you don't agree. I'm going to the hospital to have a talk with Molly. The key to solve the problem of Shelly is to see how to solve it. We won't accept her as our daughter-in-law. The mistress is the mi

hen Lucy continued to work for Molly. "You should know that your father and I are on your side. We like and appreciate you very much. As our daughter-in-law, we are really satisfied with you. But... "

When she said "but", Molly knew that there must be a turning point, and that she would certainly make some unreasonable requests.

Although she was mentally prepared, she had never thought that Lucy would go so far.

Lucy paused for a while and continued, "But the baby in her belly is our baby, isn't it. And it's a boy. You should know that what our family wants most is a boy. Our family finally has a successor, so we can't give up this child. "

Hearing this, Molly couldn't help laughing out loud. She looked at her mother-in-law and couldn't understand her thoughts at all. "Your family finally has a successor? Isn't Amy your granddaughter? Do you have the throne to be inherited by your grandson? "

Lucy was rendered speechless.

She admitted that she preferred boys to girls. Amy was also a child of the family. She liked that girl very much.

But in her eyes, boys were different from girls.

Molly roughly understood the purpose of Lucy and Walter's coming here. The child was important, and whether to stay or not was their own business. Molly would not interfere.

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